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The recent dust up with Loofa/Falafel guy that seems to have increased the number of trolls.

Let me make a couple of introductory points.

First, I almost never TR posts.  Until this week I doubt I had done it more than twice.  

Second, I think the long run impact of being trashed every night by BillO is going to be long term good for our team.  They clearly are afraid of us, you wouldn't waste that much heavy artillery unless you were real concerned.  The average American has no clue, still, what blogs are, and they certainly have no idea what this site is.  BillO is keeping DKOS in the news and when people come check it out here they will not find us a "hate site."

Third, we ought consider it a compliment they are focused on us.  With all the blogs out there we are the one they are taking on.

All that having been said I wonder how difficult it would be to temporarily raise the donut daily ration for a week or two until BillO gets tired of bashing us and his minions go back to their falafel sites.

I would gladly trade a bucket of donuts this week for a month or two of donut free life later.  Why? It's not the Simpsons movie.  below the fold...

The recent spate of trolls are clearly new, and nothing but abusive.  If they want to enter into a civil dialogue, if it were me, I'd be glad to engage them in discourse.  But they have brought their Limberger/Coulter/BillO manners with them.

And they are calling us a "hate site"??!!

Let's look at some representative samples from our new trolls:

...this tally can be updated if terrorists detonate a nuclear device in a major American city...possibly during the presidency of a Democrat? Presuming of course that the person doing the updating is not in that particular city at the time.

One new troll, 15 minutes into his tenure here posted this 5 or 6 times consecutively.


Thanks to some colleagues who researched this poster and I took this section down....

And replaced it with this new 128Ker post!

What the F is the difference? The rambling spewing sucks from both sides. That is why I am "moderate" middle of the road, sometimes liberal er.. progressive. Sometimes conservative, for instance I don't need a lib or a conservative to tell my little twin girls about sex. My wife and I will do that, thank you. Abortion, sure why not. Have the courage to call it murder though. I am only pissed because men can't legally kill, only you women can. We have to call it self defense or a war. sheesh.
Progressives want Hillary, yeah okay. Conservatives want Rudy. What the F again? What did Clinton do for minorities? Nothing, that is what. He got nice BJ's from a sweet plump Jewish kid. Bush is a disaster, a buffoon and a liar. Look in the mirror progressives. It is your fault the country is this bad. If you want change you have to do what is right for all in the country, not just your elitist group. Maybe one day a leader will come along and really treat all with respect, not conservative right wingers or left wing nutjobs.

A quick read of this troll's tirades will give one a sense of the educational level of many of our new "members" who have been here for a day or two.

You said this

   manufacture fake news, or ignore the real news, or lie about the news in order to give his narrow demographic band of fearful, ignorant and twittering viewers something to feel good about.

most of the news networks at one time or another have done this, when caught the news caster is walk off stage left and never heard from again if you think Mr. O'Reilly is doing that prove it. And as with any open form bad thing do go up and as technology improvise we will be able to take down the thing that are too offensive as Mr. O'Reilly does with his site it easy for him because you have to pay for his site, and not for this one. As to the
"Myspace" purge in case you had no heard before when a child predation is found they are kick off the site quickly the resent purge was part in parcel to parent group find the predator and expediting their removal.
If you want Mr. O'Reilly to back off the site set a standards of discourse were you force the hate monger out or silence then by shaming them. Oh yah hate to say it as long as you and many others watch and listen to Mr. O’Reilly he will be around for a while.

I mean, read this sentence fragment....

in case you had no heard before when a child predation is found they are kick off the site quickly the resent purge was part in parcel to parent group find the predator and expediting their removal.

(yeah, this is 90% badly executed snark, but if someone were passing out more donuts I'd take them for now.)

Originally posted to 7November on Tue Jul 31, 2007 at 03:27 PM PDT.


O'Reilly's assault on Dkos has been

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