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NOTE: This story, like the Christian Embassy story I've been writing about recently, derives from the investigative research work of Mikey Wenstein's Military Religious Freedom Foundation. If you like this work and want it to continue, please consider making a donation to MRFF. You could also help out by writing to Olberman, Colbert, or John Stewart to suggest they have a MRFF representative on their show to discuss the Pentagon's endorsement of promoting ideology apocalyptic religious warfare among US troops in combat ; Osama Bin Laden is surely cheering from the sidelines, and US troops will probably die due to this PR disaster that will suggest to the Islamic world that, yes indeed, the Pentagon really does want to wage a religious crusade. I don't think most Americans want that, and it's up to us to get that message out.

Courtesy of the US Pentagon, troops in Iraq can now unwind after a hard day's urban warfare and play a video game in which they command a Christian fundamentalist army waging urban warfare in America ! On the streets of New York City !

In the screens that appear between different levels of play, there are short essays attack the Theory Of Evolution.

How cool is that ?

[image: detail from "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" game]

The "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" video game, is set in a "post apocalyptic" New York that looks almost exactly like New York City after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and lets players simulate commanding a paramilitary Christian army that seeks to convert Jews, mainline Christians, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, and everyone else in New York City to fundamentalist Christianity. All who resist will be killed.

Some who criticized the game have said that it conditions players for religious war. Others think it's way cool:

"....this tremendous game that has it all; great graphics, strategy, depth and meaningful messages worthwhile of fascinating coffee table discussions." - Troy Lyndon, CEO of "Left Behind Games", describing the new "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" video game.

Now, with the blessing and endorsement of the Pentagon, a Christian ministry with apocalyptic fundamentalist beliefs that is planning a series of tours it calls a 'military crusade' to entertain US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq will also be distributing the "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" 'Convert or Die' religious warfare video game....

To US troops.

What ?

Let me repeat:

The United States Pentagon has endorsed sending a Christian supremacist religious warfare video game to United States troops in Iraq, a predominantly Muslim nation.

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Originally posted to Troutfishing on Wed Aug 08, 2007 at 07:13 AM PDT.

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