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Yes my friends they are splashed all over the Opinion Page. Not only that , they smash the DLC pretty damn good. Here's a teaser.

The DLC had two decades to make its case, to build an audience and community, to elect leaders the American people wanted. It failed.

Its members number in the hundreds, compared with the millions that the people-powered movement can claim, and they are reduced to attacking our movement from the studios of right-wing Fox News and pleading that in the next election they'll really prove that the mushy, indistinguishable "middle" is where the American people want to be.

I wonder how Harold likes them bones ? Rarely, if ever, have Bloggers been given the OpEd page to fight back, let alone call things like they really are in the MSM. After reading the OpEd it feels kinda like those old cigarette commercials that had the catch phase, " You've Come A Long Way, Baby ".

I've been around here for a couple years now and this is a damn good feeling. Seeing the DLC get smacked down after Harolds piece of tripe the other day is extremely satisfying. Kudos to Markos and Susan, and Kudos to all of you that have been around and been a part of this history.

Originally posted to OneCrankyDom on Fri Aug 10, 2007 at 09:45 PM PDT.

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