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      Sometimes the best way out of this crap we call the American way of life seems to be to burn my ears and bury them so I don't have to hear the droning bullshit of our congress, our senate, our media.  The thing is, I'd still have to gouge my eyes out and bury them too, so I don't have to watch this slow disintegration and sew up my mouth so I don't have to talk to morons, and then I'd just look terrible.  Like some kind of reject voodoo doll, and really, who wants that?  No one, that's who.

 Check out the extent of the bullshit after the jump:

   The Media had a hissy fit this week, crying about child endangerment, child exploitation, and the callousness of TV executives, when it comes to program development.  What could cause such an uproar?  Why the new show, Kid Nation a Lord of the Flies lite reality show, where a bunch of kids get to try to create their own adult-free town.  A bunch of middle and upper middle class kids.  Get to be TV Stars.  And come away with a total of $25k each. Their parents ok'd it.  But they are exploited! Endangered! (Insert horrified expletives here___________.)

   While our media was busy being aghast! AGHAST! with horror at the earth shattering events surrounding the premier of Kid Nation, they slept on the following stories about actual child exploitation and child endangerment, all of which are on going, all of which are conveniently ignored.

    But hell, I can't blame 'em.  Looking at the issues that US children a re facing day to day is just so...ugly...and shameful...and REAL.  The "reality" of Kid Nation is a lot easier (and shinier) to deal with!

  It's crazy.  All these issues that go on and on, untouched and un resolved.  The free fucking markets can not solve these issues.  They create these issues. Government exists to solve and maintain these issues.  And what are our good reps doing?  Taking about MoveOn.Org's Patreaus ad.  I was thrilled to see that the senate was wasting time debating the terrible effects of MoveOn.Org's ad.  I was so happy that we were winning the war.  Now that their ad came out, and reversed the whole course of the occupation war, I just don't know what to do.  I think I'll write Diane Feinstein and ask her to find some new issue she can capitulate to the GOP on.  Sounds like the most actionable plan around.  I mean why would you try to actually work on any of the above issues, when you can verbally masturbate with your colleagues regarding the figurative smack down you can give a political organization exercising their right to free speach?

  This country is making me nuts.  

Originally posted to JessicaDrewSW on Thu Sep 20, 2007 at 03:28 PM PDT.


What is the best way to protect yourself from letting the stupidity of our media and the incompetence of our government melt your brain?

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  •  I have to go to class. (4+ / 0-)

    Hopefully I'll be less angry after getting that out of my system!

  •  Save the time (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I think I'll write Diane Feinstein and ask her to find some new issue she can capitulate to the GOP on.

    You'll just get back a form letter on a different topic (having had Feinstein do that several times over the years).

    Princess DiFi is more than able to handle the stealth Republican beat on her own without help. She has had plenty of practice.


  •  This is one reason why Joe Lieberman (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    JessicaDrewSW, bluebrain, tcdup

    and those types of figures in DC always left me cold and got my ire, but now I am more pissed at the people who fall for this crap who should no better but don't. Denounce this outrage!!!! And some schmuck who should know better schedules a vote to denounce an ad that might have gone un-noticed if not for the Great Rightwing Echochamber's lying about its content. No wonder the wingnuts are still acting like they have a Congressional majority. They win things they shouldn't even get on the floor.

    More people denounced the MoveOn ad than voted to prevent the military from breaking due to its abuse by the White House. Idiots.

    Why solve a problem that would cost money, when you can blame Kid Rock or Prince or horror movie or a rock band in a televised hearing or on the Op/Ed page for free?

    American children facing tons of problems could be helped with smart government attention focused on specifics, and better budgeting priorities, and a media that can filter bullshit from brilliant. But.

    Somehow, there had to be something more important (read: cheap and easy grandstanding in place of actually attacking a real issue) in the always vapid and far cheaper than acting culture wars to be focused on.

    Like that video games or music needed to be in black plastic bags like porn. Or that, now, a reality show, that will boom initially because it is being hyped so much as 'the worst more extreme thing ever' by people who are opposed to it is coming on the boob tube.  

    During the PMRC hearings I used to wonder how many children's lives would be better not if Prince's latest album was forced to have a sticker on it saying it was naughty, but if the Senators on my TV were actually funding High School Music departments  and fighting the decline of culture in schools due to a lack of funding.  

    If you didn't want a kid to be hanging around getting in trouble after school, making sure he or she had a place to go (like Jazz band) was far more important than putting a big sticker on a Twisted Sister album.

    The funny thing is, Kid Nation might have failed to stick in a sea of new reality shows. But, right on cue, the very people who claim to be outraged by its awfulness and want it off the air create the best ad campaign and PR money can't buy. Outrage!!!!

    Soviet Conservatism.

    We need Enemies of the People!
    We need Subversive Material to Denounce!
    We need a Five Year Plan for Curbing Lyrical Excesses in the Hippidy Hop Music!

    "Springsteen's music has nothing to do with politics." My wingnut relative quote of the year

    by LeftHandedMan on Thu Sep 20, 2007 at 03:45:04 PM PDT

  •  I (3+ / 0-)

    I had a similar thought when I saw a heart-string-tugging report on CNN about a poor Iraqi boy who had been sent to the U.S. for treatment after being burned.

    This is what I thought:  nice story that makes Americans congratulate themselves about the open, most generous, best-country-in-the-world, blah, blah, blah.  

    Meanwhile uncounted thousands of Iraqi children are dead, horribly disfigured, forced into exile, forced into prostitution, tortured (sometimes at the hands of Americans).

    Everything is making me sick today.

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