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To anyone who's not signed in to comment... Over at NION we have haloscan comments so anyone can comment there...

I'll try to update this as things come in...

Telephone conversation with a members of public

Er... they shot... people got killed.  Er...but it seems like it wasn't as
bad as yesterday in terms of number of deaths, however we will know
the accurate picture tomorrow.  Er... la  another disturbing news is
that er... I would like to know if you would inform BBC and CNN about?
(sob!!!) They burned the injured protesters/civilian people in the
YaeWay Crematorium la la .  Er... the staff from crematorium told this,
crying, to the people who went to the funeral service.  Please let
this known to CNN and BBC. Thank you!!

More below...

To trick Mr.Gambari, UN envoy, the junta announces through their mouth-piece-media that there is a demonstration in Myitkyiinar . Actually that demonstration is a fake one for the junta wants to prove that their soldiers are not terrorist and not shooting at people and it's also the junta's plan to hide the truth of their terrorist evidences. At the same time, in Rangoon, the riot police are hitting with iron bar to any group of people whether they are demonstrators or not. After hitting violently, they arrest the people who collapse.

Internet line in Burma is not stable yet, now it is off again.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Above figure is the brain of a young student who was beaten violently to death by soldiers of the junta found in the drain near No. (3) Tarmway high school.

What else do we know?

Secrecy shrouds UN mission to Burma
30th September 2007, 12:33 WST

An urgent United Nations mission to bring Burma's ruling generals and their many foes to the peace table was shrouded in secrecy on Sunday, with no word on progress from the country's new jungle capital.

Officials were unreachable in Naypyidaw, 385km to the north of Rangoon, which has been the centre of an uprising led by Buddhist monks.


The heavy-handed suppression of the protests had prompted criticism even from China, the closest the junta have to an ally, and rare condemnation from ASEAN (the Association of South East Asian Nations), of which Burma is a member.

State-run media have proclaimed the restoration of peace and stability, and insist that security forces handled the protests "with care, using the least possible force". Diplomats flown to Naypyidaw received similar assurances.

At their height last Monday and Tuesday, the protests in central Rangoon filled five city blocks. They are now reduced to a few hundred people taunting and cursing security forces, who have fenced off the protest area between two main pagodas, before vanishing into alleys when charged.

There is no sign now of the maroon-robed monks, the moral core of the deeply Buddhist nation, whose column stretched nearly a kilometre at the height of the protests against 45 years of military rule.

The monks were either arrested by the hundreds in overnight raids on their monasteries, or are penned in there by surrounding security forces who began a crackdown on Wednesday in Rangoon.

Soldiers and police fire occasional warning shots, ensuring the city remains scared of a repeat of 1988, when the army put down an uprising, killing an estimated 3,000 people.

Radio Oz reports (6.00 / 1)
UN envoy in country now, entire mission shrouded in secrecy.

Also reporting a standoff between crowds and soldiers in Yangon.
by DHinML @ Sat Sep 29, 2007 at 23:06:29 PM PDT

Standoff? Crowds increasing?

Protesters deterred b heavy security presence in Burma’s largest city

Sep 30th, 2007 by Thaung Nyunt

YANGON, Myanmar  (AP) - Thousands of soldiers and police were deployed in Myanmar's largest cities Sunday, keeping even the most die-hard protesters off the streets. Scores of arrests were made overnight, further demoralizing those seeking an end to decades of military dictatorship.

The top U.N. envoy on Myanmar, Ibrahim Gambari, was trying to persuade the country's leaders to end a deadly crackdown on demonstrators that has sparked international outcry, and China and Japan urged their political and economic ally to resolve the crisis peacefully. But such international pressure has had little impact in the past.

"I don't think it will make much of a difference," said a hotel worker, who like other residents asked not to be named, fearing retaliation. "We have to find a solution ourselves."

More clashes in Burma
Updated: 08:22, Sunday September 30, 2007

There have been more clashes on the streets of Rangoon, as the United Nations special envoy arrived in Burma to appeal for an end to the violence.

There are also reports troops have turned up at three monasteries, but were prevented from entering by locals.

Meanwhile, the Burmese junta's closest ally, China, has made its most strident call yet for an end to the violent crackdown on democracy protesters as pressure on the regime grows worldwide.

Chinese Premier Wen JiaBao has urged Burma to seek stability in a peaceful manner and work towards democracy and development.

All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

BREAKING AS OF Sunday, 30 September 2007, 07:45 GMT 08:45 UK  ON THE BBC

UN envoy 'meets Burma leadership'
BBC breaking news graphic
UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari has met Burma's military leaders in the capital Naypyidaw, diplomatic sources say.

They say he is now in the main city of Rangoon, where he may meet detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Mr Gambari is attempting to mediate between the ruling generals and the opposition - and end a bloody crackdown on mass protests.

The sources said Mr Gambari almost certainly met Senior General Than Shwe during his overnight stay in Naypyidaw.

Soldiers reclaim streets in Rangoon for UN envoy's visit

Rangoon - Burma's junta reclaimed the streets of Rangoon on Sunday after almost two weeks of monk-led protests that ended in a brutal crackdown that outraged the world community and left scores dead.

As soldiers stood guard Sunday in front of the city's famed golden pagodas and major streets that just days ago were swarming with tens of thousands of protesters, UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari was holding talks in Naypyidaw, the generals' hideaway new capital city situated 350 kilometres north of Rangoon.

Gambari's arrival Saturday has been met by Burma's battered populace with mixed emotions of hope and skepticism.


Gambari to Myit-Kyi-Nar

KoHla: Myanmar military regime is arranging trip for Mr. Gambari to the town of Myit-Kyi-Nar. Pls help to convey msg that Mr. Gambari should remain in Ygn where most of the genuine protests are being carried out and see the actual situation of what is happening in Burma.


To take records of Dead Bodies in the River

Burmese democratic activists have announced to inform and to take records and photographs of any corpses at the lower delta of Yangon River and Hlaing River in Yangon.

Fresh attempts to end uprising in Burma.

Sunday, September 30, 2007
UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari has returned to Rangoon today after meeting with

military junta leaders.

Gambari, who arrived in Burma yesterday, has been taken to the State Guest House where pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi lives under house arrest.

UN envoy 'meets Burmese leaders'

Mr Gambari is looking for a political solution to the crisis
UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari has met Burma's military leaders and detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, diplomatic sources say.

Mr Gambari is attempting to mediate between the junta and the opposition, and end a bloody crackdown on mass pro-democracy protests.

The sources said Mr Gambari almost certainly met senior general Than Shwe.

Monks jailed by kangaroo courts

Military courts reminiscent of Nazi Germany

In a defiant gesture of disdain for world opinion and the mission of the United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari, the Burmese regime is pressing ahead with the prosecution of about 1,000 monks rounded up so far after participating in peaceful protests in Rangoon and other Burmese cities, writes EDWARD LOXTON.

As Gambari arrived in Burma's new capital, Naypyidaw, yesterday for talks with regime leaders on the crisis, news filtered out of Rangoon's grim Insein Prison that kangaroo courts had begun sentencing the monks to long prison terms. Several had been summarily given terms of six years, said one dissident source who has contact with political prisoners in Insein.

"The monks were stripped of their robes and thrust into prison uniforms," he said. "Monks who try to continue with their daily ritual are being beaten and humiliated. Elderly abbots are being forced to squat on concrete floors until they collapse."

Speculation is rife that the No.2 man in the junta, Vice Senior General Maung Aye, who has been identified by the opposition to be one general who doesn't want to shoot protesters met Aung San Suu Kyi a few days earlier. However, many Burmese are still not ready to accept that this is true.

Meanwhile, diplomatic sources claimed that Russia wants to see a compromise in Burma but the main obstacle remains the head of junta Senior General Than Shwe.

" Russia views Than Shwe as a problem," said a diplomatic source.

The military junta has come up with a condition and wants Aung San Suu Kyi should speak out to stop the anti-government demonstrations, sources added.

Net or phone contact re-established with the outside world? Ham Radio? Rumors? It's a chaotic situation...

Witnesses in Burma's biggest city say there are large numbers of police and soldiers patrolling the streets.

British ambassador to Burma, Mark Canning, says the army has now taken over a key Buddhist shrine in the city.

"The Sule Pagoda is effectively now a military encampment," he said.

"There are rolls of barbed wire inside one of the entrances, yesterday I saw ammunition being carried in to the building.

"I could see the guards in there cooking and I could also see their automatic rifles propped up against the wall, and it's difficult to exaggerate perhaps what an extraordinary image this is in a Buddhist society."

Government cleans up damage to raided monastery

Sep 30, 2007 (DVB)-Ngway Kyar Yan monastery, which was raided by government troops on Wednesday, was quickly cleaned up and restored by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in advance of United Nations Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari's arrival in Burma yesterday, according to sources close to the monastery.

The monastery, located in Rangoon's South Okkalapa towhnship, was ransacked by government troops at midnight on Wednesday night during mass raids on monasteries in Rangoon. Photographs showing the damage to the monastery following the raids were widely disseminated soon afterwards.

"All the mess left during the army's raid in Ngway Kyar Yan monastery was cleaned up by officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The monastery was also renovated and now it looks like a new one," said a South Okkalapa resident who lives near the monastery.

Lines of communication must be reopening. The Burmese bloggers and indie reporters are coming back online with a vengeance.

That's a relief...


Burnt out and collapsed couldn't keep up... I'm sorry...

Anyway a final couple of notes...

Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle

   Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma's ruling junta has revealed.

   The most senior official to defect so far, Hla Win, said: "Many more people have been killed in recent days than you've heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand."

   Mr Win, who spoke out as a Swedish diplomat predicted that the revolt has failed, said he fled when he was ordered to take part in a massacre of holy men. He has now reached the border with Thailand.


   Word reaching dissidents hiding out on the border suggested that as well as executions, some 2,000 monks are being held in the notorious Insein Prison or in university rooms which have been turned into cells.

   There were reports that many were savagely beaten at a sports ground on the outskirts of Rangoon, where they were heard crying for help.

And, an email from a couple of days ago:

Sept 28, 07:
Update 9/28/07:

A dispatch received from someone with a relative in Yangon (Rangoon), via Richard Reoch of Shambhala:

We just got phone call with our sister living in Yangon about a few hours ago. We saw on BBC world, saying that 200 monks were arrested. The true picture is far worse. For one instance, the monastery at an obscure neighborhood of Yangon, called Ngwe Kyar Yan (on Wei-za-yan-tar Road, Yangon) had been raided early this morning.

A troop of lone-tein (riot police comprised of paid thugs) protected by the military trucks, raided the monastery with 200 studying monks. They systematically ordered all the monks to line up and banged and crushed each one's head against the brick wall of the monastery. One by one, the peaceful, non resisting monks, fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Then, they tore off the red robes and threw them all in the military trucks (like rice bags) and took the bodies away.

The head monk of the monastery, was tied up in the middle of the monastery, tortured , bludgeoned, and later died the same day, today. Tens of thousands of people gathered outside the monastery, warded off by troops with bayoneted rifles, unable to help their helpless monks being slaughtered inside the monastery. Their every try to forge ahead was met with the bayonets.

When all is done, only 10 out of 200 remained alive, hiding in the monastery. Blood stained everywhere on the walls and floors of the monastery.

Please tell your audience of the full extent of the fate of the monks please please !!!!!!!!!!!!
'Arrested' is not enough expression. They have been bludgeoned to death !!!!!!

From ko htike again:

Monday, 1 October 2007

Please Help Monks!!!!!!!!!!

Reports emerging from Rangoon indicate that the temporary detention
centres based in Yangon Institute of Technology and General Institute
of Technology (GTI) is currently detaining 500 hundred monks.

The monks are refusing to accept Sune (Alms offering given to monk
by layperson just before 12 noon as main meal of the day) from the
military junta.  The local population approached these detention
centres to offer food and they have been turned away by the
authorities.  Technically, the monks are unintentionally on huger

We contacted the International Red Cross's (ICRC) office and UNHCR in
Rangoon.  The UN's office refused to help and ICRC bucked the
responsibility on their head office in Geneva.

Please write or Phone to ICRC, e-mail Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister
Gordon Brown.  Every governments contribute funds in the running of
the UN bodies and therefore you persuade the PM and the Foreign
Secretary to pressure the UN organisations to take action on or  least
ask them if they provide value for money service to the world

Please be professional when writing to PM Gordon Brown and Secreatarty
.  You can thank the British Government for their efforts so on Burma
and persuade them succinctly with sound arguments.  Contact details

ICRC headquarters in Geneva

Postal address
International Committee of the Red Cross
19 avenue de la Paix
CH 1202 Geneva

ICRC general: ++ 41 (22) 733 20 57
Production, Multimedia, Distribution Division: ++ 41 (22) 730 27 68

++ 41 (22) 734 60 01

UK prime minister office

10 Downing Street,


koNko will be posting again soon...

sabrina over at pff has taken the torch on keeping track at:

Thank you sabrina...

Update [2007-10-1 17:14:54 by kraant]:

Burmese monks 'to be sent away'
Burmese people eat on the streets of Rangoon
Monks are absent, but people in Rangoon are going about their lives
Thousands of monks detained in Burma's main city of Rangoon will be sent to prisons in the far north of the country, sources have told the BBC.

About 4,000 monks have been rounded up in the past week as the military government has tried to stamp out pro-democracy protests.

They are being held at a disused race course and a technical college.

Sources from a government-sponsored militia said they would soon be moved away from Rangoon.

The monks have been disrobed and shackled, the sources told BBC radio's Burmese service. There are reports that the monks are refusing to eat.

Slightly less bad than them being killed, but why am I getting this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach?

Anyway, go see sabrina's tracking of this on PFF she's keeping up with this in a way I can't right now:


I assume you have seen (5.00 / 2)
postings by koNko at Docudharma and dk. Wating for further from him. He seems to have some connections, including his wife who works for Xinhua.

[Censored Text].
by DHinML @ Sat Sep 29, 2007 at 22:55:50 PM PDT

Links to dkos and DocuD for koNko:

Originally posted to kraant on Sat Sep 29, 2007 at 10:29 PM PDT.

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