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Update [2007-10-24 7:1:42 by Liveblog]: Please consider reccing JessicaDrewSW's diary listing services, donations, etc.

The California wildfires are still burning out of control.  Zero containment, with fierce Santa Anna winds as of 11:30am CST on Monday.

Please use this diary as your go-to resource for emergency info.  We have many Kossacks in CA and in the fire zones providing invaluable information, which can be accessed through these Wildfire diaries.



This is the Mothership diary - Recommend this one and see links for additional diaries here.  We need to keep the Mothership on the recommended list until this emergency passes.

We need volunteers to keep this NEW liveblog going.  I've started a list here, but please respond to SECOND comment of mine if you can volunteer.


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Mothership by Liveblog (you are here)

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Please RECOMMEND this diary!

Post NO pictures as these diaries are going to be difficult to download as they get larger.

Use first comment for emergency info.  

Please reply to my second comment with offers to volunteer a liveblog diary.  This fire is going to last a long time, unfortunately, and we will need several diaries to cover breaking info.

Emergency numbers:

Please DO NOT click these links unless you are in the area and need the emergency information.  The servers are being over-taxed as it is.  Check the diary for all new info.

San Diego County Emergency Homepage

NBC San Diego Live Stream

Fox6 San Diego Fire and Evac Info

211 San Diego (may be difficult to get to - overwhelmed)

Sign On San

California Fire News

CHP Traffic Info

News 8 San Diego

KNX1070 (Locals say they have the best coverage)

To volunteer to help:  858-306-1266

If you have animals or livestock that you cannot evacuate yourself or that need to be rescued, call (619) 236-4250 and press 1 for emergency services.

If you have a stable or other areas that are safe and can house a number of large animals and livestock that need to be evacuated, please call the San Diego Humane Society at (619) 299-7012. SDHS is also in need of portable livestock panels for temporary corrals. If you have these available for use, please call (619) 299-7012.

More Animal Rescue numbers (taken from earlier diaries): ANIMAL RESCUE NUMBERS: 760-735-0448  OR 760-789-5755
This group will get trailers, and help rescue left behind animals.

A few More tips from prior Live Blogs:

Mayor Sanders is asking for licensed doctors and nurses to relieve current medical staff at Qualcomm Stadium. Licensed personnel willing to volunteer for an 8-10 hour shift are asked to report to Gate "A" at Qualcomm Stadium.

They are also asking for Certified teachers

Try text messaging rather than cellphone calls, since texting uses far less network resources. Text messages might go through when cell calls won't. However, to reach 911, you have to make a phone call - it's my understanding that texting to 911 won't work until the next generation of network infrastructure/software is developed/released.

Text messages can be pricey depending on the plan you have with your cellphone service provider, but should be used during emergencies to limit stress on resources.

Originally posted to Liveblog on Tue Oct 23, 2007 at 08:36 AM PDT.

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