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**PLEASE do not recommend this diary; RECOMMEND Mothership II by Liveblog**.  Mothership I here.

SoCal folks: does it help to know that people as far away as Canada care?  That's where I am... liveblogging knows no borders.

For those who are far away from SoCal, please volunteer to post a liveblog.  Probably you are more well-rested and your Internet connection and power are more certain than people in the area!

This horror may not be over for a few days  Please help!

The Rules:
1. Please do NOT use local numbers and websites, UNLESS you are in the area and are in need.

2. No pictures or frivolous comments in the thread, please. We are here to aid our brothers and sisters in SoCal and provide links and updates for them and the community. Confine your remarks to the SoCal fires and keep them helpful.  Pictures slow down the thread (on a site that's already slow) keeping useful info from getting to those who need it right now.

This IS a disaster, so act appropriately: stay calm, cautious, patient, flexible, adaptive, and accommodating... and love each other.  To those most affected: our hearts, thoughts, prayers and positive intentions are with you!

NOTE: Please don't announce that people can return to their homes without substantiating with a link.  This is a liability consideration... it wouldn't be nice if Kos got sued for something happening to someone because they went back on our authority!

*********California Roll Call*********
(Liveblog's Roll Call for California-based Kossacks -- to check in or find someone who's in the area, click on the above link.)

IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA OF A FIRE, CALL '211' RE: UP-TO-MINUTE INFORMATION FOR EVACUATION. OR, due to large call volume, residents may access fire information at  Residents may also call the City of San Diego Community Access Phone at 619-570-1070 for additional fire information.

More phone mumbers (h/t Calitics)
Irvine: 714-628-7085
Santa Clarita Evacuations: 661-295-6366
US Forest Line: 626-574-5208
Animal Evacuations: 818-991-0071
Malibu: 310-456-2489
Riverside: 909.988.3650
Buckweek, Canyon Fire: 323-881-2411
Coronado Hills Fire: 619-590-3160
Grass Valley Fire: 909-383-5688
Harris, Rice, McCoy Fire: 619-590-3160
Ranch Fire: 626-574-5208
Roca Fire: 951-940-6985
Santiago Fire: 714-573-6200
Sedgewick Fire: 805-681-5546
Slide and Witch Fires: 619-590-3160

To volunteer to help: 858-306-1266

Also: CRAIGSLIST has a volunteer clearinghouse -- to offer or request help go here.
If you have animals or livestock that you cannot evacuate yourself or that need to be rescued, call (619) 236-4250 and press 1 for emergency services.

If you have a stable or other area that is safe and can house a number of large animals and livestock that need to be evacuated, please call the San Diego Humane Society at (619) 299-7012. SDHS is also in need of portable livestock panels for temporary corrals.

More Animal Rescue numbers (taken from earlier diaries): 760-735-0448  OR 760-789-5755. This group will get trailers, and help rescue left behind animals.

Emergency Info:

 Today's LA Times Google map of the fires. Updating regularly

Witch Fire Google Map

San Diego County Emergency Homepage

FOX6 San Diego Wildfire and Evac Info

California Fire News

CHP Traffic Info

Santa Clarita Emergency Page

Camp Pendleton

National Interagency Fire Center -- has updates on each individual fire, numbers to call -- PLEASE don't unless you're local and in need.

Google has an excellent map with updated exit routes, status of evac centres and good links.

Twitter site with very fast neighbourhood updates.

One-stop-shop website with all sorts of good info:
Disaster Services Profile: Southern California Wildfire

Emergency declaration Oct. 23.

Call for medical pros: Volunteers should log on to and register if they wish to assist in providing medical services to victims. Once on the site, they will be able to register the skills they can provide and a coordinator will assist them in getting certified and assigned to a location.

Evacuation tips:

What to bring:

- Important documents (Social Sec cards, birth certificates, passports)

- Legal & financial records (Deeds, wills, bank info, insurance papers)

- Address book

- Irreplaceable items - photographs, heirlooms

- Clothing & toiletries - Medications

- Radio & flashlight

- Linens, towels

- Laptop, PDA

- Cell phone, camera and chargers

SDG&E asks that you do NOT turn off your gas when you leave unless you smell gas.

Lock up your house - they were some issues with looting during the Cedar Fire evacuations.

Using the cellphone?  Text, don't call -- it's vastly easier on strained resources.

ALSO---Power authorities are asking residents to conserve electricity -- so as not to further load an already-overloaded grid.

Media links:

(h/t va dare)

Calitics has some good live blogging

KNX1070 Radio (streaming coverage - covering all areas)



ABC Local Channel 7 (Los Angeles)

NBC San Diego Livestream

CBS 2 Firewatch/KCAL 9.

News 8/CBS 8

Verizon  keeps evacuees 'connected' via free call-forwarding. For more information, visit

CNN - Watch Live (banner has link).

The Weather Channel.

Google News.

San Bernadino Fire Info

National Weather Service pages:

-NWS Southern California Overview

-NWS Southern California Fire Weather

-National Interagency Fire Center

NOAA Weather Homepage

CNN also has a page devoted to live reports including invitations for evacuees to leave messages for their families: CNN Send an I-report. E-mail:

Links to donate:

American Red Cross

San Diego Humane Society

LiveBlog Volunteer List:

Miss Blue: Mothership
2. gchaucer2
3. Steve Singiser
4. Moody Loner
5. condoleaser
6. Remembering Jello
7. va dare
8. 4Freedom
9. Marcus Tullius
10. joanneleon
11. brklyngrl
12. Sallycat  
 13. Karen Wehrstein (you are here)
 14. Lychee
 15. jancw
 16. gchaucer2
 17. 4Freedom
 18. TheMomCat
 19. Miss Blue
 20. Remembering Jello's
 21. lineatus

Thanks to all previous bloggers for their input. We have put together much good information with the help of many hands.

Please put UPDATES under "Comment 1. - UPDATES"
Please volunteer for liveblogging under "Comment 2. - LIVEBLOG VOLUNTEERS"

Personal note: I remember that when Hurricane Katrina was hitting, Daily Kos served as a community help resource AND the best source of updated news -- both at once.  This community and its members ARE AMAZING in the face of adversity.  I am honoured to play a small part once again.

Originally posted to Karen Wehrstein on Tue Oct 23, 2007 at 12:19 PM PDT.

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