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This the twenty-sixth diary in this series intended to provide up-to-date emergency information and references for all in Southern California who need help and information . Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by the fire.

Please, NO PICTURES. We are trying to keep these diaries loading easily.

This is a place for emergency information and updates. It is not a place to speculate on why people live where they do, mock, gloat, or post frivolous comments. Take it elsewhere.

Local media links and emergency numbers are below the fold

The following may be helpful resources. We ask that those who are not in the immediate area refrain from calling emergency numbers or clicking through to these websites. The systems are very stressed, and we should take care not to overload them. Text messaging often works when cell phone lines are overloaded.

Emergency Info:

 Today's LA Times Google map of the fires. Updating regularly
Witch Fire Google Map
San Diego County Emergency Homepage
FOX6 San Diego Wildfire and Evac Info
211 San Diego (difficult to get through - they are overwhelmed)
California Fire News
CHP Traffic Info
Santa Clarita Emergency Page
Camp Pendleton
San Bernadino Fire Info
Red Cross Safe and Well List

Phone Numbers h/t Calitics

Animal Evacuations: 818-991-0071
Arrowhead Schools 909-499-9900
Buckweed, Canyon Fire: 323-881-2411
Coronado Hills Fire: 619-590-3160
Escondido evacuees: 760 839-6262 to find out if you can return home
Grass Valley Fire: 909-383-5688
Harris, Rice, McCoy Fire: 619-590-3160
Irvine: 714-628-7085
Lake Forest 714-628-7085
Malibu: 310-456-2489
Orange County 800-540-8282
Ranch Fire: 626-574-5208
Riverside: 909.988.3650
Roca Fire: 951-940-6985
Santa Clarita Evacuations: 661-295-6366
Santiago Fire: 714-573-6200
Sedgewick Fire: 805-681-5546
Slide and Witch: Fire 619-590-3160
US Forest Line: 626-574-5208

Evacuated Escondido residents only can .

San Diego Evacuation Shelters as of 10/23/07 at 3:30PM PT

o Serra Mesa Christian Fellowship, 2649 Murray Ridge Rd, San Diego
o Christian Church of Lemon Grove, 6970 San Miguel Ave, Lemon Grove
o Later Day Saints Church, 2255 Felicita Rd, Escondido
o Valley Center High School, 31322 Cole Grade Rd, Valley Center
o Escondido High School at 1535 North Broadway in Escondido
o Santana High School at 9915 Magnolia in Santee
o La Roca Comunidad Cristiana Church, 1057 Tierra Del Rey #D, Chula Vista
o New Community Church, 165 Eucalyptus Ave, Vista
o Las Flores Nazarene Church, 1400 Las Flores Dr, Carlsbad
o Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 2020 Chestnut Ave, Carlsbad
o Carlsbad High School, 3557 Monroe, Carlsbad
o Calvary Chapel Carlsbad, 6355 Corte Del Abeto, Carlsbad
o Valley Center High School, 31322 Cole Grade Rd, Valley Center
o Casa Familiar Civic & Rec Center, 212 East Park Ave, San Ysidro
o Chula Vista High School, 820 4th Avenue, Chula Vista
o El Toro High School, 25255 Toledo Way, Lake Forest
o Borrego High School, 2281 Digueno Road, Borrego Springs
o SDSU (Faculty/Students only), Peterson Gym, San Diego
o Rock Church & Academy, 2277 Rosecrans Street, San Diego
o Calvin Christian High School, Escondido
o Mira Mesa High School, 10510 Reagan Rd, San Diego
o Steele Canyon High School at 12440 Campo Road, Spring Valley
o Campo Community Center at 976 Sheridan Road, Campo

Horses - from a previous thread: Fiesta Island has room for horses. Food and water are provided, but owners must stay with the horses.

Another previous thread - Evacuees in need of a safe location for their horses have the opportunity to stable them at a horse farm in the Thermal-Indio area.  A private citizen, recommended by a California Department of Food & Agriculture veterinarian, has volunteered enough property, staff, food, and water resources to care for up to 1700 horses. For more information, County residents can contact Hans at (760) 399-2716

Volunteers desperately needed at Del Mar Fairgrounds: Potential volunteers are advised to call (858) 755-1165.  They also urgently need HAY, buckets for watering the horses, shavings for the stalls and other supplies.

Volunteers needed

Call for medical pros: Volunteers should log on to Volunteer San Diego and register if they wish to assist in providing medical services to victims. Once on the site, they will be able to register the skills they can provide and a coordinator will assist them in getting certified and assigned to a location.

To volunteer to help:  858-306-1266

   Mayor Sanders is asking for licensed doctors and nurses to relieve current medical staff at Qualcomm Stadium. Desperate need of night shift MDs, cardiologist doctors and critical care nurses
Licensed personnel willing to volunteer for an 8-10 hour shift are asked to report to Gate "A" at Qualcomm Stadium.

   Also there is a call out for certified teachers

   Prior to volunteering please register at Volunteer San Diego


ANIMAL RESCUE NUMBERS: 760-735-0448  OR 760-789-5755
-This group will get trailers, and help rescue left behind animals.

Should you find a wild animal in distress, and not know who to call for help, WildRescue operates a phone hotline for the Southern California area. The hotline, (866) WILD-911, can help you find the wildlife rescue center that serves your area.

h/t to lineatus for that one

Here is a list of local Southern California media providing coverage. (h/t va dare for links)

Calitics has some good live blogging KNX1070 Radio (streaming coverage - covering all areas)
KLSD - 1360AM radio.

ABC Local Channel 7 (Los Angeles)
NBC San Diego Livestream
CBS 2 Firewatch/KCAL 9.
News 8/CBS 8
Verizon  keeps evacuees 'connected' via free call-forwarding. For more information, visit
CNN - Watch Live (banner has link).
The Weather Channel.
Google News.
National Weather Service pages:
-NWS Southern California Overview
-NWS Southern California Fire Weather
-National Interagency Fire Center
NOAA Weather Homepage
Red Cross Disaster Services
Village News-Fallbrook  

CNN also has a page devoted to live reports including invitations for evacuees to leave messages for their families: CNN Send an I-report. E-mail:

Daily Kos is also doing a roll call. SoCal Kossacks, please check in  here. If you like!

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Good links here in JessicaDrewSW's diary

Links to donate

American Red Cross
San Diego Humane Society
San Diego Foundation (619) 235-2300
Salvation Army
Noah's Wish For the animals

Local Donations (Supplies)

Community Resource Center – Encinitas
650 Second St

9am – 5pm
Needs: toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash; non-perishable food, such as canned goods, breakfast bars, juice boxes and bottled water; blankets, towels and pillows. (h/t to Thebes)

New Song Community Church – Oceanside
3985 Mission Avenue
Needs: Bedding, cots, toiletries, baby formula, nonperishable foods including chips, drinks and other items. (h/t to noweasels)

Mission Bay Park – thru 7:30pm
Supplied to be distributed to Qualcomm Stadium and Del Mar Fairgrounds
Needs: blankets, flashlights, batteries, cots, sleeping bags, tents, hygiene products, canned goods, bottled water and money. (h/t to Thebes)


   Federal Emergency Management Agency said that those who sustained fire losses can begin applying for assistance tomorrow [Thursday, Oct. 25] by registering online at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or 1-800-462-7585 (TTY) for the hearing and speech impaired.

   The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST Monday through Sunday.

Evacuation Tips from an earlier post

If you have time to pack - what to bring:
-Important documents (Social Sec cards, birth certificates, passports)
-Legal & financial records (Deeds, wills, bank info, insurance papers)
-Address book
-Irreplaceable items (photographs, heirlooms)
-Clothing & toiletries
-Radio & flashlight
-Linens, towels
-Laptop,if you have one
-Cell phone, camera (and chargers)

SDG&E asks that you do NOT turn off your gas when you leave unless you smell gas.

Lock up your house - they were some issues with looting during the Cedar Fire evacuations


Cleanup Tips
  Ash deposited on indoor and outdoor surfaces near the fire is relatively non-toxic and is similar to ash that might be found in your fireplace.  However, any ash:

   *may be irritating to the skin, especially sensitive skin
   *will contain small amounts of cancer-causing chemicals
   *can be irritating to the nose and throat if breathed, and may cause coughing
   *may trigger asthmatic attacks in people who already have asthma.

   In order to avoid possible health problems, the following is recommended:

   ·Do not allow children to play in the ash or with unwashed toys.
   ·Clean ash off house pets.
   ·Wear gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants to avoid skin contact.
   ·If you do get ash on your skin, wash it off as soon as possible.
   ·Rinse homegrown fruit or vegetables thoroughly before eating them.
   ·Avoid disseminating ash into the air; do not use leaf blowers or non-HEPA filter vacuums.
   ·Wear well-fitting dust masks; those rated N-95 or P-100 provide better protection than simple dust or surgical masks (persons with heart or lung disease should consult a physician before using a mask).
   ·Gentle sweeping of indoor and outdoor hard surfaces followed by wet mopping is usually best.
   ·A damp cloth or wet mop may be all that is needed on lightly dusted areas; if ash is wet down, use as little water as possible
   ·The Regional Water Control Quality Board asks that you avoid washing ash into storm drains if possible.
   ·Collected ash may be disposed of in your regular trash collection.  Ash may be stored in plastic bags or other containers that will prevent it from being disturbed.

   Ash and any debris inside burned structures may contain more toxic substances than forest fire ash because of the many synthetic and other materials present in buildings, requiring a cautious approach.  Older buildings in particular may contain asbestos and lead.

From SignOnSanDiego comes this:

   If you're having trouble coping with the inevitable emotional consequences of the wildfires, you can call the free Help Line. It's staffed by experienced master's-level specialists who are ready to assist with your personal concerns.

   Open 24 hours a day, the toll-free Help Line -- (866) 342-6892 -- is routinely available to UnitedHealth cq Group customers but, just as it was made available to victims of Katrina and other hurricanes, the Virginia Tech shootings and the Minneapolis bridge collapse, it is now available to Southern Californians experiencing the difficult emotions they may experience from the stress, anxiety and grieving process following the wildfires.

   Go to for more resources and information.


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