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I am only going to hunt next year with a bow and a revolver; I was in the gun shop picking up a Smith and Wesson Performance Center .44 with a 7.5 inch barrel and 4X Leopold Scope.  I also grabbed a variety of ammo. My 15 year old son and I had a successful hunt this year(an elk and an antelope), and I might as well start preparing for next year now.

While I was waiting to mount and bore sight my scope, a lively discussion began concerning the Constitution, Ron Paul's appearance on Jay Leno, Dennis Kucinich's Cheney impeachment resolution, and how if Hillary is elected the sun might stop rising.

Some guy name Bob from the Marshall Islands had found a home in Colorado.  He travels a lot and is from Montana/Idaho? originally.  David, a guy who makes custom recurve bows was there, and a couple of other regulars came through during the hour I was there.  What struck me was the searching need to find a candidate.  Guiliani is out.  He wants our guns and reminds Bob of Mussolini...the cross dressing doesn't help either.  Romney is a Morman. Huckabee is another idiot from Hope.  Edwards is a scary lefty.  Obama's black, and Hillary is Hillary.  We couldn't remember the rest of the candidates names except for Kucinich and Paul.  

"Did you see Paul on Jay Leno?" Bob asked
"No, but I've been to his website and I liked what I saw.  He didn't support the Iraq War, thinks we need to get out, pursue energy independence, and get back to our constitutional roots." answered Dave
"He gets it alright, but everyone says he's crazy."
"Just like Kucinich." I pipe in.

At first, they wanted to discount the comparison, but then we started to itemize the similarities.  Our conclusions:  They are both physically small men who were and are right about the occupation of Iraq.  They both think that we should pursue investigations of BushCO.  They both think that economy is in deep trouble.  They both believe in the whole Constitution of the United States.  On torture, rendition, and many other issues they hold similar positions.  Most importantly electorally, the media has made both of them to be a little wacky.  Why?

Everybody agreed that they were being marginalized by the establishment politicians and media because they are right.  Everybody else is complicit in the cock up in Iraq and either through direct action or acquiescence to BushCO have facilitated the rest of the crap that has happened during the last six years.  Kucinich and Paul were right when everyone else was wrong and now they are being punished.

The most striking thing was the hopelessness today.  Hillary inevitability is taking hold down at the gunshop.  Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton seems really wrong to everyone, but it looks like that what we are going to get because the only candidates that have been right are short crazy men.

Originally posted to Kenevan McConnon on Wed Nov 14, 2007 at 04:31 AM PST.

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