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I was just thinking about all that warm water running over his naked, um, shoulders.  I would use my loofah to give him a nice massage with some Zum's sandalwood and goat's milk soap, gently scrubbing all of his nooks and crannies...

Ahem, actually, I bought the showerhead for this cool project he's working on in New Orleans.  It's called Make It Right.  The goal is to build 150 houses in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans.  You can see the model house that has been designed for this project here.  
The 1,000 sq ft houses are built off the ground and include such energy efficient features as tankless water heaters and solar panels.  

Brad Pitt is donating $5 million smackeroos to this project and you, too, can buy a showerhead....

But before you start fantasizing, listen to this interview with Pitt on NPR a couple of days ago.  I loved this part:

"It's a small act of social disobedience, which makes it good fun," Pitt, in New Orleans, tells Melissa Block.

Kossacks, this guy is one of us (he also increases our Kossack beauty quotient by several magnitudes).  

But seriously, guys, there have been a couple of diaries posted on this subject that haven't made the rec list (see Where Was Brad Pitt? (Or Extremely Annoying Brian Williams Update #5) and Without Affordable Homes, New Orleans Can't Recover (UPDATED, with BRAD PITT..ooohhhh))  ONE of these diaries should have hit the rec list but we're still so bogged down in calling each other names that we fail to see an opportunity in this season of giving.  

Picture this: What to get that annoying, libertarian, Rush loving, semi-racist brother-in-law for Christmas (or brother, in my case)?  I know!  Buy a programmable thermostat for Make It Right and the foundation will send him an email announcing and thanking him for his generous donation, describing how it will help the displaced residents of New Orleans.  Won't that warm the cockles of his heart, causing an Ebeneezer Scrooge-like transformation that will make him want to eliminate "Ignorance" and "Want" and stop wishing death upon the "surplus population"?  Well, it's worth a shot!  

Throw in a couple cans of low VOC paint and you can scratch the wingers off of your Christmas list.

Plus, you'll be helping people return to their neighborhoods, increase the number of Democrats in the area and show the residents of NOLA that we haven't forgotten them.  

Friends, we shouldn't have to be doing this.  This is what we pay our taxes for.  We once had a functioning government that would have eased the burdens of these families and treated them like the hard working citizens of this great nation that they are.  But it isn't their fault that they have been used to demonstrate how catastrophically the Bushies and Republicans have decimated our government.  Until we can throw the bums out and send reinforcements, this is one of the ways we can help to put things right.  

We are our brother's keeper.  Make a donation today.  

(I swear, Angelina, I never laid a hand on him)

Update: chigh says Brad will be on Larry King tonight to talk about Make it Right.    Break out a bar of soap, ladies.  ;-)

Originally posted to goldberry on Wed Dec 05, 2007 at 08:01 AM PST.

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