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It is no secret that the extremist right wing political hack Sean Hannity aka SEAN HANNIBAL has a preemptive crusade against our former first lady and the leading Democratic Presidential Contender Hillary Rodham Clinton. The middle aged far right "fucks news" jihadist has made it his nightly mission to undermine Mrs. Clinton's campaign in the most trivial of ways possible.

I think his attack upon the former First Lady of the United States is crossing the line and epitomizes the hilt of misogynistic sexism. But this should come as no surprise to no one. Sean Hannibal has a history of viciously attacking women. He once called John Kerry's wife Teresa Heinz a scumbag. The only woman he seems to enjoy is MANN Coulter (I'm sorry my transgendered friends, I just can't resist this, no offense) who parades on his show very regularly. Alan Combs (Sean Hannibal's passive male partner)is basically incapable of bringing some fairness and sense of sanity to the program as he is censored by News Corp (and the poor thing needs the money to survive so he wont resign). Dick Morris is Sean Hannibal's sweetheart (much like Dennis Miller is Oreilly's) and together they have their right wing man orgy on national television lambasting Hillary Clinton's candidacy and womanhood.

I know there is little love lost between many of my liberal folks and Mrs. Clinton on this blog but come on you guys you know in the bottom of your heart that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has a real shot at crushing the Republicans. I hate hearing this bull shit about the Clinton dynasty. Republicans elected a bush thrice so why can't we have the Clintons in the White house again. If Hillary Clinton does not get in the White House it will be because the far left sabotaged her campaign and not the other way around much like they did Al Gore's bid in 2000 in Florida by voting for Ralph Nader and the socialist party. I don't think much of Republicans but if there is one thing I respect about them is the fact that they know how to unite around their candidate even though that particularly candidate may not be entirely pleasing to some factions in the party. It's time we stop sabotaging our candidates because of slight ideological differences. There are more Democrats in America than their are Republicans and the only way the Repigs can win is if some Democrats vote for them or if a significant portion of the Democratic electorate refuse to vote or vote for some irrelevant party like the greens or the socialists or the workers party even though they know that party will never win. I will never forgive the Nader People for what they did to Al Gore, they killed what would have been the greenest, most progressive President in recent history and look what we got instead: retard in cheif George Bush.

Now my friends on the far left, ask your self this question: would you rather have Rudy Guiliani in the white House or Hillary Clinton? Republicans are prepared to compromise on Rudy, we should be prepared to compromise for Hillary too. Barack Obama will make a great Vice President or Secretary of State but he just cannot be President however audacious his dreams may be. On the other hand, John Edwards is far too mouthy and honest about stuff like raising taxes and asking people to give up there SUVs. Y'all must be laughing your asses off, but believe me that kind of honesty just does not work in American Politics, ask John Mcain. Imagine if Bush was completely honest when he first ran for President, he would have never been elected. Imagine if he said stuff like, I will start a war and cut taxes at the same time, I will cut spending on Education and the poor, I will politicize all branches of the executive Government and fire people who don't tow the line, I will run up huge deficits....see what I mean, that kind of honesty gets you nowhere and Mr. Edwards Southern twang of honesty is simply an act of self sabotage. There is really no other option, So lets unite around Mrs. Clinton and send a Democrat to the white house for pete's sake.

You know my diaries are never complete without a poll. So here's my poll for the day:

Originally posted to All American Liberal on Sun Dec 16, 2007 at 02:07 PM PST.


Which Democratic Candidate has the best chance of Crushing the Republicans

38%46 votes
29%35 votes
25%30 votes
0%1 votes
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2%3 votes
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1%2 votes

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