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My absentee ballot for the Presidential primary in Michigan is sitting on the kitchen table.  I havn't marked it yet because I don't know what is going to happen tommorrow in Iowa.  Only Hillary Clinton appears in the choices as Edwards and Obama opted out of the primary due to internal Democratic fussing over primary date schedules. I want to write-in John Edwards, but I cannot until after Iowa becomes clearer.

In 2000 I full heartedly supported Al Gore, I believed then and I believe even more now, that Al Gore is an American hero.  I was very disappointed when Al allowed George to steal the election.  In 2004 I supported Howard Dean and then after the press and the right-wing machine convinced America that Howard Dean was unstable because of his "scream" speech I dutifully got behind John Kerry and once again in my opinion Bush and Rove and the Secretary of State in Ohio Ken Blackwell engineered a fradulent victory for Bush.

It is now 2008 and I'm sick and tired of what the CBA (Criminal Bush Administration) and it's extension the RNC have done to our country and our world.  Even as we speak David Bosse, one of the slimiest and most vile of the behind the scenes media manipulaters has set up an organization to slime the Democratic nominee a la the Swift Boat Liars.  He is even soliciting money from the swine who set up that criminal conspiracy.  I don't want to settle for Hillary, she is just barely a Democrat in my opinion.  She has gotten a taste of money and power and she likes it.

I think that her core beliefs are real, she wants Americans to have health care, she wants Americans to have jobs and all of that but her methods turn me off.  She plays financial footsy with the same people who have taken us where George Bush has gone.  In my opinion a Hillary presidency will only be slightly less onerous than the CBA.

That said, I am left only with Obama and Edwards.  Obama impresses me with his rhetoric.  He says the right things that appeal to the progressive in me...but he is an unknown quantity.  I don't know how he will perform under pressure.  If Obama runs away with it tomorrow and becomes the Nominee I will support him but he is not my first choice.

John Edwards is my first choice.  I do not care how much John Edwards paid for his haircut or how big his house is...I care about his stand on the issues that matter to me and to most Americans.

John Edwards reminds me of Bobby Kennedy, a man that I truley admired.  Bobby Kennedy would have been President in 1969 had he not been tragicaally murder at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968.  Bobby Kennedy was a wealthy man who fought for the rights of the common people.  He fought against racism and poverty, crime and corruption.  Kennedy earned his street creds as Attorney General in his brother's administration, back when the Justice Departtment actually worked for us.

Although John Edwards was never the Attorney General he has similar street creds as a lawyer who held corporations accountable for their misdeeds.  John Edwards is a wealthy man to be sure but that wealth has not turned him against the common man and waman who are the heart and soul of America.  Like Bobby Kennedy, John Edwards will fight for our jobs, our right to affordable and accessible health care.  John Edwars will fight against racism and poverty.  John Edwards will not turn his back on the American People while the corporations and their paid politicians loot the national treasury.

Today on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange crude oil hit $100 dollars a barrell for the first time in history.  The Bushies are rolling in dough.  The people are going to pay the tab for decades to come.  47 million Americans have no health care.  America is at risk, not from Islamic terrorists but from corporate greed and Government corruption.  We need a fighter in the White House.  A man or woman who will fight for us and I believe that man to be John Edwards.

Originally posted to Robs Rant on Wed Jan 02, 2008 at 11:01 AM PST.


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