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Today the dysfunctional Republican party's corrupt and criminal rule over this country is effectively finished...if.

If we are willing to do the hard work.  If we are willing to give up a Thursday night and go through this ludicrous caucussing procedure in Iowa.  If we are willing to turn out in record numbers and stand up for our candidate.  If we are willing to do these things, then and only then can we show those paleo-cons, neo-ocons and corporatists that the people will no longer subject themselves to the politics of greed.  The have's and the have more's that Bush claims as his base are going to have to give some back, so that the have not's can have more.

I hear the Republican pundits constantly admonishing us that we should not indulge in "class warfare" and as per usual the sheepish Democratic Party leaders cower, afraid to be called a liberal or a socialist.  Well I hate to be the one to have to break this to you, but, that is exactly what this is about.  It is class warfare.

Perhaps you remember an inocuous little comment about two weeks ago by George Bush referring to David Gregory having stolen the silverware from the White House?  Just a little humor on George's part to be sure;  but think of the mindset that it takes to say something like that; it is stereotypical to the rich, priveledged classes that the servants steal the silver.

Remember about 6 years ago when Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff were in the Marianas Islands, a territory of the US.  Workers were brought there, sometimes against their will and forced to work as endentured servants, were subjected to physical and sexual abuse and were basically held as slaves, unable to leave, making a pittance a day and living in squallor.

Legislation was pending on the Hill in Pete Hoekstra's employment sub-committee to extend basic rights to the worker's of the Marianna's, minimum wage and safe working conditions, etc.  Well, Delay and Abromoff didn't like that bill, so they called Hoekstra and had it killed.  Hoekstra got a nice campaign contribution from Abramoff and the Marianna's workers got the shaft.  Delay didn't want his little Island playground messed with.  As he toured the sweatshops with the media, Delay actually explained to the press that these sweatshops were " A perfect petrie dish for capitalism"

These corporatists are trying to reshape the U.S. as a third world country.  They live in their big houses, behind the walls of gated communities.  They employ private security forces to patrol their streets while they cut the budgets of city police services.  They exploit the poor, have their lawns manicured by illegal immigrants who have no rights.

The have's have the best medical care in the world.  "The Dick" carries around his own doctor, ambulance and EMT prsonnel eveerywhere he goes.  The have not's can't afford medical care.  47 million of us have no Healthcare Insurance.  When we get sick we go to the emergency rooms of America and wait for the Hospital lawyers to sue us for collection, because we cannot afford to pay.  Or we just die from lack of preventitive care.  Bill Frist, the former Republican Senator from Tennessee and Senate majority leader is a billionaire because of this system.  Bill Frist is a discrace to America.

These things and many more are at stake as we go through this campaign season and we need to do all we can to get our government and our country back.  My plea to all of you in Iowa is go, go stand around for two or three hours and have your voices heard.  We have had enough and we are not going to take it anymore.

Originally posted to Robs Rant on Thu Jan 03, 2008 at 11:04 AM PST.

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