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We all know what a complete and total disgrace Mitch McConnell has been as a Senator. We all know that he has constantly put the concerns of President Bush, and the rich Corporate donors that fuel his campaigns over those of the citizens of Kentucky. We all know he has scorn for his constituents and doesn't believe they should have access to him, or that they should be able to ask him an honest question and get an honest answer in return.

However, recently here in Paducah, Kentucky the town I was born and raised in, and a town that has suffered under the horrible policies allowed by Mitch McConnell and our terrible Congressman Exxon Ed Whitfield, Mitch McConnell gave another disgusting display of how he and his Republican colleagues in the Kentucky delegation think they are only accountable to their big interest donors.

Heather Ryan, a local Paducah resident was the Executive Director of Maiden Alley Cinema, a local theatre run by the Paducah Film Society. She is a Navy veteran and mother of two. She was off-duty and in a public alley while Mitch McConnell was filming a campaign commercial in the cinema. With herself being a veteran and her daughter having a father in Iraq, they wanted to ask McConnell about the Iraq War.

Now, the last I heard McConnell is supposed to be accountable to the citizens of Kentucky. Especially one who served her nation proudly, and one that has a father fighting in the war McConnell so gleefully rubber-stamped every failed agenda of Bush to drag out. Instead, watch this shocking video of how McConnell's aids tried to bully them as they were just trying to get video of their Senator. Watch as the "brave" McConnell bodyguards show what they are made of by shielding Senator McConnell from this obviously dangerous and malicious twelve-year old girl who wants to know why her father is in Iraq, and if he will be coming home soon:

Now, believe it or not, although she was off-duty at the time, and standing in a public alley in downtown Paducah, Kentucky evidently McConnell was so traumatized by the fear of facing a young woman, and her twelve year old girl, he actually "pulled strings" to get this young women fired!!! Yes, this Navy veteran and this girl with her father in Iraq have obviously not earned the right to ask Sen. McConnell a question in his eyes!!

Check out the local media take from the ultra right-wing Republican apolegist newspaper, The Paducah Sun:

(Paducah Sun, The (KY) (KRT) Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) Jan. 22--Heather Ryan said she was fired Monday as the executive director of the Maiden Alley Cinema and blames it on fallout from an incident she had last week involving U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Jason Coltharp, secretary and spokesman for Paducah Film Society Board of Directors -- which operates the cinema -- confirmed that Ryan was dismissed but would not comment on the reason. He also declined to respond to other comments from Ryan.

McConnell on Jan. 15 was in Paducah for several events, including a fundraising reception at the River Heritage Museum that shares a city-owned building on Front Street with the Maiden Alley Cinema.

After the reception, he filmed a commercial in the cinema lobby for his re-election campaign.

Ryan, a self-described Democratic political activist who opposes the Iraq war, said she waited outside the cinema with her 12-year-old daughter, Heaven Chamberlain, to ask McConnell about the war and videotape his answer. Ryan said she was not working and was in a public alley.

She said she tried to film the senator through the windows but was blocked by a security officer and others. When McConnell came out, he went right to his van and ignored questions from her and her daughter, Ryan said.

She sent an e-mail to friends describing efforts to confront McConnell at the cinema and earlier in the day at a Lions Club meeting.

In that and other e-mails, she used descriptive expletives in talking about the events and McConnell. She said one of her friends posted the e-mails on a pro-Democrat Web site.

McConnell campaign representative Justin Brasell declined comment Monday.

On Friday night, Ryan was called to an emergency meeting of the Paducah Film Society board to discuss her confrontation with McConnell and her e-mail comments. Ryan said she told the board she didn't intend for her comments to be made public. To show the board what happened, she said she showed the members her videotape and after the meeting believed her job was safe.

However, Ryan said she was shocked when on Monday she met with the board again and was told she was fired. "I was just expressing my right to free speech," she said.

Ryan said that before she was hired she believed the board was aware of her political activity, which included serving in 2006 as chairman of Eric Streit's congressional campaign against Republican U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield.

"I was never told -- and there was nothing in my contract-- saying that I couldn't continue being politically active," she said. However, that changed after the incident with McConnell when she received an e-mail from Jay Siska, chairman of the board. Coltharp confirmed the contents of the e-mail.

"We do not want you to engage in such activities or any other public political action while you are employed by the Paducah Film Society," it said. "As a nonprofit we have to be apolitical, neutral in all political events."

It also said that "what you do in public reflects upon the Paducah Film Society and can create a public perception of PFS endorsement or involvement in your activities."

"Are you willing to refrain from engaging in any public political activity during your tenure ... ?" it asked.

Ryan said board members didn't bring up the ban on political activities at the meetings on Friday and Monday. "I would not have agreed to refrain from my constitutional rights of free speech," she said.

Paducah Mayor Bill Paxton said he was at the cinema when the confrontation took place but didn't witness it. He said others told him about it, and he expressed concern to Siska.

"I worry that it gives Paducah a bad image because of the publicity it generated (on political Web sites)," Paxton said. "But I don't worry that it will affect Senator McConnell's relationship and support for the community. He's too big of a man for that."

Paxton said if Ryan's protest had occurred at another location, he wouldn't have been as concerned. "She can't do whatever she wants to (at the cinema) just because she works there," the mayor said. "It leaves the appearance that she was using her position to get to the senator and that's not right."

Too big of a man for that? He had his guards bully a twelve year old girl and had a Navy veteran with a family to support fired, and He is supposed to be a big man because of it?

Now, I worked as a volunteer for Heather on the Eric Streit for Congress campaign. I also know her daughter Heaven. Heather is a very nice and respectful person, and one of the smartest ladies I know. She is in every way an asset to our party and personifies what a Democrat should be. Heaven is a typical twelve year old who maintains outstanding grades, and is very mindful and respectful.

I think it is a disgrace that Heather lost her job. What ever happened to free speech in this country? Whatever happened to our elected leaders being accountable to us? Evidently, the Senior Senator and the Mayor of Paducah have forgotten about that.

That is why I am asking my fellow Democrats in the blogosphere to help. We simply can't allow McConnell or any other elected official to use their position to get someone fired simply because they wanted access to their Senator. So what can we do?

First, I would like to ask you to call Heather's employers at Maiden Alley Cinema for capitulating to McConnell and firing a young lady with a family because she dared ask Mitch McConnell a question. This is a toll-free call and will be painless. Tell them that Mitch McConnell is no better than Heather Ryan and she should be hired back!!

(888) 442-7007

Next, write Jason Coltharp, Secretary and Spokesman for the Paducah Film Society and tell him the firing of Heather Ryan for using her god-given right of free speech is unacceptable!! The email address is here:

Lastly, since Heather has lost her job and has two children to support, please help her out for standing up to Mitch McConnell at great sacrifice. Ladies, she also sells Mary Kay products, and Gents, you know your ladies will want some Mary Kay products for Valentine's Day!! Go to here site and show her some love, and more importantly some greenbacks to help her until she can get another job, which in Paducah is not an easy task. Get some great products for Yourself, your wife, girlfriend, friend or daughter and help out a fellow Democrat who lost her job trying to stand with us. Her Mary Kay site is here:

Lastly, I think we all should contact Mitch McConnell and let him know how cowardly and out of touch he really is:

Thank you for reading and for your attention in this matter!!

Originally posted to RDemocrat on Tue Jan 22, 2008 at 01:57 PM PST.


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