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Check out these latest results from the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll. Obama is now within 3 points! That's nearly where he was at after Iowa, and the SC bump hasn't even happened yet. This bodes very well for Feb 5.

Here's the recent numbers:

             HRC   Obama   Edwards

1/26/08       36%    33%     18%
1/25/08       41%    30%     16%
1/24/08       42%    30%     16%
1/23/08       42%    30%     15%

HRC's negativity and Bill's hysterics are backfiring. No wonder she pulled that negative ad so fast. The Rezko attacks are going nowhere.

UPDATE: Per Yoshimi, here is an Obamathon link for those inspired to donate.

UPDATE II: Apparently, Hillary is already spinning SC and trying to portray Florida as a legitimate contest despite the DNC edicts and HRC's non-campaigning pledge. Here is the latest from Politico:

Clinton puts out a memo from Howard Wolfson this morning that pushes the expectation that she will lose, and includes a reminder that she fought for "each and every vote."

There's also a note on the importance of delegates (funny how whoever is losing in a state starts talking about delegates), and a passage on Florida.

Regardless of today’s outcome, the race quickly shifts to Florida, where hundreds of thousands of Democrats will turn out to vote on Tuesday.

Despite efforts by the Obama campaign to ignore Floridians, their voices will be heard loud and clear across the country, as the last state to vote before Super Tuesday on February 5th.

Originally posted to lenzkrafterz on Sat Jan 26, 2008 at 09:32 AM PST.

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