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In his Saturday night So. Carolina victory speech, Barack Obama said, in pertinent part:


                "It's not about rich versus poor..."

See full article/quote here

-referring to the election and I suppose all of the hopefulness and America and puppies, etc.

 Well, Mr. Obama, I'm sorry but it IS about "rich versus poor/middle class".  

 If you are so naive, or delusional, or cynical, or "audacious" to think that Big Oil/Pharma/Banking/Insurance, that the Credit Card and Healthcare/Hospital MegaThugs, that the Halliburtons and Blackwaters of this world will suddenly "see the light" when you're elected and hand over even a molecule of their collective Billions/Trillions, and Power, to the poor and middle class, on account of your "Hope" and your supporters' sincere desire to all "get along" (don't see much of that "gettin' along" here, I must say), then I'm afraid that your devotees are in for a MOST rude awakening. . .

I keep wanting to be for Obama, and he keeps saying the most dumbass and naive things about the reality of the Neo Robber Barons.

"Hope" is nice.  But it's not a policy, and it's not an effective strategy from taking-on and beating the Right Wing, who will NOT suddenly lay down arms, wave a surrender flag and join all Democrats in a rousing course of Kumbaya on inauguration day.

An irony, of course, is that here at Daily Kos many, many Obama supporters are quick to threaten or gloat about "kicking ass" against John Edwards or Hillary Clinton, but when it comes to "kicking ass" against Republicans, the Neo Robber Barons, Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, et mal., well, then it's all, "Well, we're just alllllll gonna get along."


UPDATE:  A thousand "Thank yous" to DK Old Timer "racerx", for his comment below, to wit: this one.  Obama supporters:  please note that racerx and I disagree (or, at least, don't exactly see eye-to-eye on this), but this Daily Kosniac knows how to formulate a concise and well-reasoned argument.  Too rare these days, it seems.


Originally posted to BenGoshi on Mon Jan 28, 2008 at 02:22 PM PST.

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