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"Freeze People, not Foreclosures" is stance of Obama camp on economic crisis.
Dr. "Zbig" Strangelove is Obama's foreign policy guru
Why is Obama winning delegates in Republican states? Because he IS a closet Republican.
A vote for Obama is a vote for 4 more years of Southern Strategy fascism.

  1. Hillary was building a solid coalition of urban and southwestern states that can finally reverse the Southern Strategy that has brought us 40 years of fascist creep. The Obama mania is setting up the Dems to play right into the Southern Strategy again, by taking delegates in states where the Dems will win ZERO in the electoral college. 4 more years of Southern Strategy and failed Democratic candidates. It's the McGovern Mondale trap, see my earlier blog.

The country is tired of the robber barons. Hillary will landslide McCain, she has proven resilient against right-wing attacks. Obama not. The media have given him kid-glove treatment so far – but after building him up, they will tear him down before November. It's a set-up. A superdelegate said as much on the radio today – Obama hasn't had to withstand a single negative ad yet – but he will be hit by lots of them if he wins the nomination. The GOP are already working on a movie on all the dirt in his background. It will be Kerry's Swift Boat all over again. There is a list of issues they have ready to train on the target like right to life, hand guns, immigration. They are sure to find some way to play the racist card.

Obama is winning in Republican states so far because he IS a closet Republican. Clinton appeals to the democratic base which will be very broad, unbeatable in November. HC was no way my favorite, but in the real world, she's the least of evils.

  1. Even IF Obama wins, he is in the employ of a hyperconservative clique. Look what he said in his Mother's Cancer TV spot. "We have to fix Washington before we fix the health care system." That's cryptolingo for Leave it to Market Forces. Get sick, lose your job, die under a bridge, and help solve the population problem. That's the program of his backers.

The camp's health care adviser is David Cutler, a trickle-up neo-Keynesian who expounds that high health care costs are an economic stimulus and America's greatest growth industry! But who is going to pay for this stimulus for the over-rich?

B. Obama's top economic adviser is Liebman, who wants to privatize social security!

His adviser Goolsbee is a Skull & Bonesman and Chicago-Friedman monetarist (authors of the Pinochet putsch, death squads and privatized Chilean social security.) Goolsbee wants to Freeze People, Not Foreclosures. He said drop dead to Maine on heating oil help while ranting for bailouts for the Wall Street speculators who trapped low-income families in adjustable, low-equity mortgages, then sold them short.

What does Obama offer the new homeless who are being robbed of theAmerican dream? "Counseling" on the cheap. Indeed, his candidacy is a cheap approach to racism: put token blacks in office and say there is no problem – a Bush tactic used with Condi and Colin Powell, of course. But no money for housing and education to overcome the the legacy of racism.

Tell Obama to fire Goolsbee or admit to being an S&B puppet.

  1. Obama has been called More Aggressive than Bush on War by ABC News! His top adviser is Zbig Brzezinski, apostle of the destruction of Russia to attain total spectrum Anglo-American dominance. See (the link to the story on ABC seems to be slow. Rense refers to BO as a Manchurian Candidate, although that label could apply just as well to McCain.)

Indeed, BO wants to bomb Pakistan, a nation 10 times more populous than Iraq. And to bring down the Russian Federation, a nuclear superpower. This Strangelovery makes the Straussian neocons look timid.

  1. Obamania is a synthetic product of CIA people-power coup mass persuasion techniques. Zbig is a past master of these "color revolutions" in Eastern Europe that bring in "free-market" regimes who will sell out to the Economic Hit Men of the IMF.

Some of the stock ingredients are vague slogans like "Change" or "Hope," a mob of impressionable enthusiasts, poll fakery, and media hype – we're seeing all of that in the Obama hysteria. An outfit called the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) has perfected the techniques which are now being used in the Democratic primary with Obama as mascot.

Sources on the NED coup template:
Jonathan Mowat in the Online Journal," The new Gladio in action?"
Jonathan Steele in the Guardian, "Ukraine's postmodern coup d'etat,"
Sourcewatch article on the AEI

Originally posted to rajka on Tue Feb 12, 2008 at 11:42 AM PST.

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