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So, I've really spread out as of late to different blogs then DKos in an effort to become better acquainted with the various opinions which are out there.  I don't believe as many seem to that DKos is 'Obama central'; I suppose they can't remember the amazingly long period in which John Edwards was the clear favorite of most of the posters here, and every day seemed to have nothing but Edwards diaries on the Rec list.  After he dropped out the majority of his support went to Obama on Dkos, true; but that is reflected in the electorate at large, so I'm not sure why people are surprised by this!

I don't normally write this sort of diary, but I'm a little steamed!

One of the most rabid pro-hillary sites out there is, ran by Jeralyn Merrit (who had some fame during the Plame affair) and our very own Armando, who now I must say has a very poor opinion of DKos.  I don't know why this is, but it is without a doubt true.  Many disparaging comments about our community here are posted by Armando (who blogs as Big Tent Democrat, ironic really) with especial hate seemed to be reserved for AdamB, who as far as I can tell has only made the sin of being an even-handed poster in terms of elections.

What makes Talkleft different then other liberal blogs is that they delete entire threads of comments for which they disagree with.  Not people trolling.  Not insults.  Just comments they disagree with.  In every diary there, for weeks, entire comments have just up and gone missing, mostly b/c Armando gets pissy about being shown that he is incorrect on topics.  And then he has the temerity to be rude to people who call him out on it.  His favorite tactic lately has been to accuse people of deliberately lying and trolling rather then engage in an actual discussion of the facts.

Finally I got fed up with having comments deleted and decided to quit the whole place today.  It is unseemly and unbecoming that a supposedly Liberal blogger is unable to tolerate any sort of dissent within the commentary of their site.  There's no point at all in having a comments section if it only exists so that you can record people agreeing with you.

Here's my final post to them:

Yaknow what?  To hell with this place.

I've never seen such a dictatorial bunch of losers in my entire time blogging.  You delete comments left and right which you simply disagree with, regardless of the merit of them.  Armando axes entire conversational threads in which he is proven wrong on subjects and shows a truly childish behavior.  Constantly.  Accusing people who disagree with you of being dishonest is low and ridiculous.

What a bunch of sour grapes from you guys.  This is one of the most pro-Hillary blogs I've found, and ever since she started falling behind you've slipped into a fantasy world full of paranoia, slander, and outright insults of those who support Obama.

It's ridiculous and not worth my f*cking time.

I get angry at censorship and thuggish tactics.  Double angry when it is supposedly Liberal blogs engaging in it.  This is the sort of thing I would expect from a Republican site, and it's demeaning to Liberals everywhere that nobody calls them out on it.

Edited: You can't have a conversation at someone else's site when they delete the comments as soon as you make them.  I've seen many posters over there who did NOTHING wrong get their posts deleted and entire THREADS deleted b/c Armando or Jeralyn starts to either lose the discussion, or simply gets angry with disagreement of any type.  They've deleted two whole threads of comments at this point, in large part b/c people there agreed with me that their blatant censorship was bullshit.

Originally posted to cycloptichorn on Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 10:48 AM PST.

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