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Yes, Hillary, pay your small vendors.  Ones who trusted that their check would be there on time, ones who run small businesses with small staffing and must pay them, ones who are wondering if you will ever pay!!!

Yes, Hillary, instead of screaming about, "Shame on you, Barack Obama. It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. That's not what I expect from you. Meet me in Ohio -- let's have a debate about your tactics."

Why not, shame on you for bailing and not paying for services, Hillary?  Yes, we will see you in Ohio, with your new Mark Penn attitude.

It was just $2,492.63, a pittance, really, alongside million-dollar television buys and direct mail drops.

But with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination enduring a rough patch, Peter Semetis, the owner of a deli and catering business in Lower Manhattan, had been following the news and growing increasingly worried that he was not going to be paid for the assorted breakfast trays, coffee, tea and orange juice he had provided the campaign for an event in mid-December.

"I’m afraid of her dropping out of the campaign and me becoming a casualty," Mr. Semetis said.

Yes, I would be concerned, TOO.  She can drop out, walk away and straight up STIFF Mr. Semetis.  And if it is happening to him, do you think he is the only one?

So on Thursday, he went to small claims court and filed suit.

Do you think that anyone want to deal with going to court, filing fees, for 2K?  This man has more and better things to do, but if you keep contacting a campaign and get the run around, what do you expect?  Especially, since inevitable has lost 11 in a row!!!

Mr. Semetis, however, is not the only one who has been having trouble lately collecting money from the Clinton campaign. The Hotel Ottumwa, a family-owned hotel in Ottumwa, Iowa, played host to an event attended by former President Bill Clinton on New Year’s Eve for several hundred people and had been trying for almost a month and a half to get paid.

Yeah, this hotel has been waiting since, January to get paid.  And we are talking about over 9K in bills.  Thought the Clinton Campaign was good for it, since they thought they had money.

"People were a little more comfortable with Clinton because they’ve got money," said Kay Whittington, one of the hotel owners.

I am sure folk are not comfortable, now.

And still another one waiting from Iowa:

Last week, the owners heard about an item on the local news about a Des Moines cleaning company, Top Job Services Cleaning, which had been trying unsuccessfully to recoup $7,500 from the Clinton campaign.

I am sure they are not the only ones.  Why?  Because when you stiff the little guy, other little guys are stiffed, too.  Some little guys are just waiting to see if they will pay, while the other little guys are fed up and going to court and the media.

So, Hillary while you are on a screamfest about Obama's mailer and finally taking Mark Penn's advice to attack, why don't you go down memory lane?  Meaning?  Remember the inaccurate mailers distributed in New Hampshire about Obama's stance on a Woman's Right to Choose?  You surely did not have any issue to correct that mailer, but just kept mailing it out.  So, now since you don't have money to mail your own mailers, your only recourse is to take media time and go on a screamfest.

Hillary Clinton, good luck with this, and while you are screaming in Ohio, please pull out your checkbook and pay your vendors, as you paid your campaign 5M effortlessly.


p.s.  Here is a list of unpaid bills, thanks to leevank.

p.s.s  Another list of unpaid bills, thanks to cookedchicken08.

p.s.s.s.  Here is a news broadcast of unpaid bills, thanks to cookedchicken08.


Originally posted to icebergslim on Sat Feb 23, 2008 at 01:25 PM PST.

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