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You're unbelievable Joe, you patronized this guy.

Chris Matthews (almost) never makes me do anything but roll my eyes and groan when he opines but he just knocked one completely out of the park.

Matthews was on Morning Joe shortly after a segment with Rep. Patrick Murphy had appeared. Joe Scarborough had told Murphy that (because of his Iraq service) he was exactly what the Democratic party needs (inferring that he is the exception).

Scarborough was discussing Murphy with Matthews as his segment started and said "He's what the Democrats have needed for so long, it's been so easy to beat up Democrats as sort of weak on defense" and "This guys the real deal" when Matthews cut in with "So let me get this right, If you're a Democrat you have to have about four or five battle ribbons to be OK but if you're a republican you can be Dick Cheney with four or five deferments. That's the rule." and "Democrat's start about four notches down from patriotism and have to work their way up."

Matthews later added "But if you're a republican the National Guard will do, I mean I love these standards you know, you got to be Audie Murphy if you're a Democrat. You're unbelievable Joe, you patronized this guy."

Scarborough suddenly went from laughing banter mode to looking like he was slapped and started to stammer out an 'it's only politics' type of defense when Tweety dropped the hammer.

"...But it's possible that the notion the Republicans have of foreign policy is wrong. That maybe their notion of patriotism is wrong. Maybe in having all these wars, Grenada, Panama, list them, all these kind of bite sized wars have ended up being more than we've been able to swallow. They look like bite sized wars to begin with, so alot of times I would look for judgment in policy making and defining where America's role should be in the world. That's the debate. Not just the G.I. Joe but what's the right thing for America to be doing in the world? We get this straight we won't have a hard time casting these roles. "

Scarborough followed with a weak, 'my opponent is who I say he is' and changed the subject to Obama as VP (Insider colloquy then returned).

Some one PLEASE get a video of this...

Originally posted to Loudoun County Dem on Tue Mar 11, 2008 at 05:36 AM PDT.

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