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Comment #159:

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?

I mean seriously, that's like thirty seconds of my life I'll never get back!

I'm a busy guy. I don't have time to waste reading something as pointless as this diary. I mean I could have spent the time I wasted with your pointless diary doing a lot of very important things. Because I'm a busy...

(five paragraphs of ranting later)

Did you even consider the time drain on my life when you bothered to...

(seven paragraphs of ranting later)

You want to know how important my time is?!? Let me tell you this...

Comment #215:

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?

It's not funny. I know funny. People always tell me how funny I am.

Like with my knock knock jokes.

And a funny person like me knows what funny is and this is not it.

It is offensive and vulgar and crude and unpleasant.

"Marmaduke" is funny. So is "Family Circle". And "Love Is".

Why can't you write like "Love is"?

Comment #355:

Why is this diary on the Rec List?

This is such BULLSHIT! Barack Obama is a SANDWICH? Is that some reference to his RACE?  Salami is black and Barack Obama is black and so you feel like you can just all Swift Boat him by saying fucking SANDWICH! I don't know what the hell all these other people are thinking hitting the happy button, but I, for one, am not going to stand silently by!

He is not a sandwich! NOT A FUCKING SANDWICH!

Comment #356:

Re: Why is this Diary on the Rec List...

See I haven't eaten in like nine hours and so when I read the word "HERO" in your diary title I immediately went to the sandwhich place.

Clearly you meant... well... the other kind of...

Would someone PLEASE hide rate my above comment?

Comment #411:

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?

You want to vent a neutral air pressure system using a three and a quarter inch aluminum stack vent? Chirst! Everyone knows the industry standard is a FIVE and a quarter inch STINK PIPE with a converted flange.

Ugh! I remember when Daily Kos used to be GOOD!

Comment #632:

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?
Don't you know there are people DYING in the world? People are getting AIDS and starving and clubbing baby seals and driving high-emission cars and making sexually inappropriate comment and kicking kittens and openly, flauntingly, stepping into public swimming pools without first taking the required shower! THERE MUST NOT BE FRIVOLITY IN SUCH A WORLD!

Comment #709:

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?

See, this is the EXACT REASON I'm on strike... why I'm not reading diaries here... why I'm not commenting.

It's diaries JUST LIKE THIS that made me swear off DKos for good!

Comment #1145

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?

When my diary here was SO much better.

If you want a really good diary you'll go here.

Here is smarter and funnier and just better.

You should really go here.

Comment #1375

Why the hell is this diary on the Rec List?

What's a Squirmy Rooter?

Please delete.

Originally posted to SYFPH on Wed Mar 26, 2008 at 09:00 PM PDT.


Why the hell is this diary on the Rec list?

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