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"Everything's fine," McCain told reporters during a news conference. "Like most Americans, I go see my doctor fairly frequently."

Are you kidding me? "Like most Americans, I go see my doctor fairly frequently."

Update 1: In a comment, william shipley  noted that if McSame is on Medicare he may not be eligible for an HSA, this is a good point. Number one, does anyone know if McSame is on Medicare?  Number two, I'd assume Cindy, as a spouse and the eligible children are insured through the FEHBP.  Do Cindy and the children have this plan which is the FEHBP HSA High Deductible for residents of Arizona?

Update 2:

See this comment from jpspencer, which argues that McSame is not eligible for Medicare since he has not retired.

Not so fast, McSame. . .which leads me to his tax returns.

Have you looked at the 2007 McBush tax returns?

Or the 2006 1040?

I did.

Go down to line 25 on the first page(Health Savings Account Deduction) next to the box called Adjusted Gross Income.  What do you see?  NOTHING--it's blank. There should be a number at line 25, this is where McSame should put the amount he is permitted to deduct for his HSA.

But it's blank because McHypocrite doesn't believe in High Deductible Junk Insurance for himself or his family, despite the fact that it's a centerpiece of his healthcare "plan".

If all you're able to afford is High Deductible Junk Insurance which McBush is pushing as a solution to our healthcare catastrophe, then you don't to go to a doctor "fairly frequently" as McCain does. You don't attend to routine health problems because you can't afford to. High deductible health insurance offers bare bones coverage and is insurance in name only.

So what do you do if you have junk insurance?  You wait and hope and pray that you recover. Some Americans even procure medicine from pet stores which often sell a variety of antibotics at low prices.

When the McBush returns were released I wanted to see whether the McHypocrite Family avails itself of the deduction for an HSA Health Savings Account.  The crap coverage which around here we call High Deductible Junk Insurance.  This is what he wants you and me to accept. So naturally I thought as a good conservative Republican, he would be eager to have junk insurance for himself and his family.

Guess what? I was wrong.  McHypocrite is a cancer surviver, he needs to see his doctor fairly frequently, he wouldn't want junk insurance.  Junk insurance is only for the American people.

And Americans with High Deductible junk insurance don't go the doctor fairly frequently--they can't afford to.

Here's the truth, McIdiot.

More going without health care:
Americans are paying more for medical insurance than they did a year ago, and many are avoiding important doctor visits simply because of the cost, an MSN-Zogby poll reports.

More than a quarter of Americans have skipped or postponed an essential visit to a doctor because it was too expensive, a new MSN-Zogby poll says.

Nearly half (48%) say they pay more in health-insurance premiums than a year ago, and 37% say they pay more out of pocket for medical services or prescriptions.

The results of the poll of 9,765 adults suggest that medical expenses are becoming a heavier burden on household finances, even for middle-income Americans. They underscore the findings of other recent studies that the cost of health care is becoming a more widespread problem.

. . .More families are struggling in the aftermath of a serious medical problem, and many try to repay debts by taking out second mortgages or cashing in their retirement accounts, says Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor. "Many will still end up in bankruptcy, but only after they have run up even more debt and their last meager resources have been exhausted," she told

McCain's spontaneous comment should scare you because it's  so ill-informed.  It demonstrates an utter lack of understanding for the health plight of virtually every American other than the affluent. And yes, of course,his Senate and Congressional colleagues, who as you know, receive taxpayer subsidized Cadillac healthcare.  

This man believes that most Americans have "fairly frequent" access to the doctor. He sees nothing wrong with his health proposal, a scheme under which even he and Elizabeth Edwards, both cancer patients would be uninsurable.

Listen to what Sean Kent, another cancer survivor has to say about getting insurance after a cancer diagnosis.

High Deductible health insurance is insurance in name only. It's bare bones crap insurance, it's what's being foisted on many in Massachusetts. Most important, it's the centerpiece, I kid you not, of the McBush Health care Plan.

This is from the McHypocrite campaign web site.

American families know quality when they see it, so their dollars should be in their hands. When families are informed about medical choices, they are more capable of making their own decisions, less likely to choose the most expensive and often unnecessary options, and are more satisfied with their choices. Health Savings Accounts are tax-preferred accounts used to pay insurance premiums and other health costs. They put the family in charge of what they pay for, and should be expanded and encouraged.

Here's the truth about John McStraighttalk McCain and Health Savings Accounts.  John McCain wouldn't take one, and doesn't have one, just look at his tax returns.

But John McSame wants you to know he has his finger on the pulse of America, and he's just one of us.  He wants you to know that just like most Americans he goes to the doctor fairly frequently.

Originally posted to nyceve on Fri Apr 18, 2008 at 03:51 PM PDT.

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