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We just received a very interesting call.  My husband, a registered Democrat, received a call from a gentleman who started out saying that he was calling to conduct a poll of registered Dems ahead of the NC primary.  When hubby responded that he is a Democrat, the gentleman said, "So can we count on you to support Hillary Clinton in the primary on Tuesday?"  Some poll, huh?  More after the jump.

As soon as the gentleman said that, hubby said, "I thought you were conducting a poll.  Are you really calling on behalf of the Clinton campaign?"  The guy responded that he was.  So hubby said he did not support Senator Clinton.  The guy's response?  "So you're not a Democrat."  That got hubby's dander up.  He responded that he is a Democrat but that he's simply not voting for Hillary.  The guy seemed baffled and started talking about why hubby should vote for Hillary.  Hubby interrupted and said, "You called me and said said you were conducting a poll.  But now you're telling me that you're calling to convince me to vote for Hillary Clinton."  The caller said yes.  So my husband said, "This is EXACTLY why we don't support Senator Clinton.  You called and completely misrepresented the purpose of your call.  This is not the type of campaign we expect a Democrat to run."  

I could tell hubby was getting a tad angry, but he kept his cool very well.  The caller was talking over hubby, so DH says, "Are you going to listen to what I'm saying so you can understand the problem I have with your call?"  The guy clearly kept talking because hubby then said, "You know, you are trying to talk over me.  You are perfect for Hillary's campaign because she does the same thing, talking over anybody who questions or disagrees with her."  When the guy kept talking hubby said, "I'm going to go now.  Please don't call this number again.  Have a good day."

I was very proud of hubby.  He didn't lose his temper or anything but he explained very well our frustration with the Clinton campaign.  He said he got especially ticked off by the implication that because he's not supporting Hillary, he can't possibly be a Democrat.  He's still kinda ticked off about it!  Not bad for a guy who was a Repub when we met nine years ago, eh?

Originally posted to flahawkfan on Sat May 03, 2008 at 02:35 PM PDT.

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