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When he sits down with Hillary for an hour this Sunday, will Stephanopoulos discuss the centerpiece of Hillary's campaign over the last two weeks, Magnequench?

Again and again in campaign ads and stump speeches (that are now hilarious in hindsight - full ad here), she's come down forcefully on President Bush for compromising our national security and costing Americans their jobs by allowing Magnequench, an Indiana factory for smart-bomb parts, to be sold off to China.

As is now being (under)reported, it was actually President Clinton, not Bush, who approved the sale back in '95. The plant shut down and started shipping equipment to China in '99.

At the time of the sale, George Stephanopoulos was a Senior Advisor on Policy and Strategy. How can George claim to be objective on this when he interviews her on Sunday? To reveal her deception of blaming this on Bush, George'd have to implicate HIMSELF.

Though he fails to see Stephanopoulos' conflict of interest, Charlie Gibson is one of the few on Clinton's false deflection of blame.

Her words incriminating the administration she routinely claims to have had such a big part in (from the "Closed" ad):

HRC: "Right here over 200 Hoosiers built parts that guided our military's smart bombs to their targets. They were good jobs, but now, they're gone to China. And now America's defense relies on Chinese spare parts. George Bush could have stopped it, but he didn't. As your president, I will fight to keep good jobs here, and to turn this economy around. I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message because American workers should build America's defense."

She does a great job of telling how:

#1) the people of Indiana had their jobs sold out from under them,

#2) the creation of America's tactical weaponry was put in the hands of China "and now America's defense relies on Chinese spare parts,"

#3) the President approved it, sacrificing both good jobs and national security.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, the actual Presidency behind it has been the crown jewel of her experience argument.

Andy Albers, former VP of Magnequench, said of a phone conversation with the Clinton Camp before basing their whole Indiana campaign on the issue, "I told them all the truth, but it didn't go anywhere. Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton are living in some false reality here, making all these false accusations."

Too bad her interviewer this Sunday will have very good reason to keep Hillary's false reality from public scrutiny.

Originally posted to NickB on Sat May 03, 2008 at 06:48 PM PDT.

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