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After spending the entire primary season bashing Barack Obama with lies, "radio host" Taylor Marsh (no, she does not have a radio show), today, began her pivot from Hillary-loving, Obama-hating, bile-spewer to "good Democrat."

The results could not have been funnier...


Marsh has proven herself to be a world-class liar. She accused Obama and the Obama campaign of a myriad of false sins this primary season and never once retracted any of her lies once they were exposed.

Instead, she became a key player in the log-rolling circle jerk of Obama hate blogs where folks like Larry Johnson and suanUnPC (susanhu) at NoQuarter and Jeralyn at TalkLeft all linked to each other's posts as if pushing the lies from blog to blog somehow made the lies true.

But with the proverbial "handwriting on the wall," Marsh now is desperately -- and comically -- backpedaling from her months of Obama hate seeking to play the role of "good Democrat."

The results are not pretty.

In addition to the attacks from Obama supporters -- attacks she richly deserves -- her attempts to distance herself from the Hillary-obsessed fan base she developed this season has her taking fire from all directions.

Today's self-defense post contains a number of laugh-out-loud passages like this one:

So now I'm getting hate mail from Obama and Clinton supporters. Swell.

Additionally, I'm not a cheerleader, folks. In the end I'm coldly pragmatic. I'm a political analyst first. If you're looking for a political den mother you long ago misconstrued my purpose and my passion.

I swear, I cannot stop laughing... Marsh a "political analyst?" The same Marsh who spewed lie after lie about Obama and cited the lies from the racist NoQuarter crew as fact?

It gets better...

In addition, some commenters are blithely stating they will bail on this site, me and the work I do, including my efforts to get back on radio, if Obama is the nominee and this site and my commentary becomes "pro Obama." I'm being asked in emails, plus comments, amidst the hate screeds from Obamabots, by Hillary supporters what I will do "if" Obama wins the nomination.

Marsh is nothing else if not self interested. Her entire focus is on getting a radio gig (one where she doesn't have to pay for the air time in order to be able to declare herself a "radio host").

And the laughs just keep on coming...

This blog is part of the reality based community. I'm a political analyst who also plays an independent journalist role. If you don't like it or the truth then you shouldn't be reading this blog, supporting this site, or helping me to get back on radio. I value this community, including when we disagree. That some readers don't value the work I do beyond what they think my role should be, which is a Clinton cheerleader, well, that says more about them than me.

Oh my god. I have to say, the entertainment value at her sorry excuse for a blog has never been higher. Her blog is part of the "reality based community," and she's a "journalist" and not a "Hillary cheerleader" now.

Good lord, my sides are sore from laughing.

And, yes, she needs a radio show, in case you didn't get that.

(By the way, what does Taylor Marsh do for a living? But I digress...)

Anyway, I suspect we'll be seeing more of this kind of flailing to remain relevant from other Obama-bashing, Clinton-loving blogs in the days and weeks to come.

For those of us who like to laugh, we can only hope that those desperate attempts to remain relevant are as funny as Taylor Marsh's effort.

Originally posted to Bob Johnson on Wed May 07, 2008 at 02:50 PM PDT.

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