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I'll let this part speak for itself:

"I spent my entire life in the two reddest states in the entire U.S. so please excuse me if I fail to discern the nuances of the arguments sent my way this evening in what appears to be an orchestrated campaign to intimidate the remaining unpledged delegates by threatening to leave the party and vote for a third Bush term if I and others like me don't vote for Sen. Clinton," wrote the exasperated superdelegate. "I have been uncommitted throughout this campaign because I wanted to see how the candidates performed in a variety of settings. I am proud of them both. But I am horrified by this effort to threaten votes for McCain if super delegates don't vote for Sen. Clinton. I have received hundreds of emails from both sides - but I can say without exception that I have not received a single email from an Obama supporter that threatened a vote for McCain if I didn't support Sen. Obama. You really ought to be ashamed."

That's from an unnamed Superdelegate in a new article up at Huff-Po by Sam Stein.

It seems that the vitriol will continue and the new targets are super-delegates. Clinton supporters are now emailing them threatening to vote for John McCain if Obama is the nominee and further are emailing debunked, or meaningless political and personal attacks on Obama.

While some of the Super's said they've been receiving emails like these for some time, they have said it seems there is a concerted effort on the part of Clinton supporters over the past few days as they have been deluged with these types of email.

I just have to ask, whose supporters are not "real democrats"? Whose supporters are being vitriolic and nasty?

Update [2008-5-9 12:32:52 by Dreggas]: Per the comments I am hearing a lot of this is probably being orchestrated by Hillaryis44, why am I not suprised.

Update [2008-5-9 12:44:59 by Dreggas]: #2 Thanks for getting this on the reclist guys.

Originally posted to Dreggas on Fri May 09, 2008 at 09:22 AM PDT.

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