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I know the photo of McCain hugging Bush is popular around here, but this may be the most powerful image for the general election:

Just for a bit of history, this is President George W. Bush in Phoenix as he joined John McCain in a small celebration of McCain's 69th birthday Monday, Aug. 29, 2005. The President later spoke about Medicare to 400 guests at the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort and Country Club in nearby El Mirage.

As if it were bad enough, I copied and pasted the above text directly from

Here's what else was happening that day:

All of these photos were literally taken the same day.  Our president was too busy to worry about any of it. He had a party to attend. And a speaking engagement. About Medicare.

And the Republican's current nominee for president? Well, he was just fine. Celebrating.

There are more than a few reasons we should be using this photo all the damn time. Here's a start:

#1 It ties McCain to President Bush. Better than the hug photo in my opinion.

#2 It represents the Republican's complete incompetence. Remember, this photo was taken 4 days after Katrina first landed in Florida.

#3 McCain voted against relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

#4 It highlights McCain's domestic agenda. More precisely, his total lack thereof.

#5 It correctly paints McCain as the complete opposite of a Maverick. (Can we please start calling it the Straight Jacket Express?)

#6 It reminds us that McCain is older than the polio vaccine (They were celebrating his 69th birthday... 3 years ago)

#7 Let them eat cake.

#8 The emperor fiddled while Rome burned.

#9 John McCain doesn't always wear an American flag lapel pin.

#10 "Judge me on my own record..."

Would anyone like to add to the list?

#11 (ht ThatSinger) Reminds us of McCain's endorcement from John Hagee.

#12 (ht fhcec) Exposes Republican hypocrisy on Myanmar, etc.

#13 (ht soul creator) ...doesn't care about black people.

#14 (ht Norm DePlume) That the media conveniently under-reports actual tragedies perpetuated by our elected officials while bombarding us with trivialities.

#15 (ht DocGonzo) New Orleans is still fucked. (Please read his entire comment here)

#16 (ht ImpeachKingBushII)

#17 (ht CineJay)

Originally posted to Not Brit on Mon May 12, 2008 at 09:36 PM PDT.

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