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Our unelected President has broken me. And before I get started , recount New Mexico, Ohio and Florida before you tell me about how he won in 2004 . The constitution burns as we listen to rants about why people aren't dropping out, and I am sick.
This man is an insult. The media has treated him with kid gloves for the last time. That wedding, any obvious questions? Like does Mr.Hagger support the war? And if so, why isn't he there?
As I sit here , physically upset over the state of the world I wonder how 'journalists' sleep at night . How can they look their mothers or children in the face and say they are proud of what they do? How can they even look in their own mirror and not vomit? How has this imbecile not been impeached?
As a Decorated Marine I have had issues with the Bush family , but now, I have issues with everyone. How are we not forcing congress to impeach? How are we allowing Hillary to continue after her comments directed at Iran?
Where are we going from here?

I look at my Purple Heart and weep. Mostly because of dumb luck. a simple turn and jump has me here while far better men are not. I sit here and type , as my life grows, while others are not. I have been angry about this war for a long time and now I am furious.
If Dubbya supports this war so much, why not send his single daughter? Why not his son in law?
They hide us when we are wounded. Nobody wants to see some white trash like me , the poster boy for enlistment laying in a bed and lost. When I went to Iraq , it was over babies being pulled out of incubators not WMD's.  Same shit, different asshole . I think we were protecting Kuwait as well, because they loved us so much or somethingI am not exactly sure. If they loved me they had a funny way of showing it with 2 prostitutes in the whole country and no bars.
This guy dares to tell mothers their wounded sons and daughters , their dead offspring compare to his motherfucking golf outings? I was lucky. Shit I was wounded in Zaire, you'll never hear about me.
But you still never hear about the wounded. How does Mr.Bush think his sacrifice is to a guy who lost his arms? You don't hear about the wounded count, just the dead. And let me tell you something, there is a reason our Orwellian media doesn't talk about the wounded- it ruins coverage.
You think they show a kid like me the wounded? Death is far more romantic to a 17 year old, or in my case a 19 year old college fail out, than missing a limb. Think about that.
Someone missing an arm or leg due to a IUD receives far less attention . Because if they showed you how they treated the wounded no one would ever enlist. And forget the mental issues, and even if you escape in tact the mental stuff never leaves. How is not playing golf remotely similar to that, jerk.
Do you lose sleep at night, Mr President? Do you fear what you might wake up like because you didn't swing a club? Do you have nightmares about dead kids over missing the green today? Do you cry over the thought of your son being as short sighted as you? Do you buy educational books in a fit of fear that your soon to be delivered son may have the chance you didn't? Do you stay up at night crying in the bathroom so your wife doesn't see you and think your weak over missing golf, Mr President? Do you play Playstation and break down because you think maybe your image could have been on Madden had you not been so stupid? Do you cry during war movies, Mr President all over a missed golf game?
Mr President , do you lose your cool when you see your dead buddies son turning 15 and seeing him head down the same path as his father? Mr President does golf being on TV put you in a rage that scares your wife? Mr President, are you a complete moron?

I can only offer advice as an old man. If you are a child of 16 or 17 and hoping the GI bill will get you through college, it won't. You will jump through hoops to the point you give up before you use that money.
Lets say you are less mentally damaged than I, and you can put up with red tape-imagine jumping through those hoops with 1 leg.
War is nothing like golf. Missing a war will leave you with 4 limbs, 20 digits and no scars, which is a lot like golf. But even a 2 minute skirmish will scar you for forever. Do you think a sand trap will give you nightmares?

Originally posted to rmfcjr on Thu May 15, 2008 at 02:03 AM PDT.

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  •  NO photos of the dead (3+ / 0-)

    Official policy.  Same reason there's no coverage of the war in your living room every night like with Vietnam.  Leave the place so screwed up and unsafe that no sane newsperson will go out of the Green Zone....  and arrest the Arab newsmen that have the gall to cover and report what's really happening....

    NO photos of the severely wounded - none of the permanently brain damaged.  Only photo ops of the C-in-C out jogging with an amputee who can't wait to get back in the fight.....

    Of course there's not enough funding for the care of wounded, the VA, psych help, education for vets or anything MEANINGFUL.......   haven't you heard our leader - 'They're volunteers' said while smirking..... I expect that he's thinking 'morons - you never volunteer for ANYTHING.... I learned THAT in the NG' (if nothing else)

    Hell, the war is off the radar - minimal news coverage.... we don't want to get people upset or anything...... you KNOW they're thinking 'Damn Tillman's mother making a fuss.... why couldn't they shut up and leave him a hero?' but no worry... THAT disappeared again real fast.....

    McCain's thinking .... 'We could STILL be in Vietnam today if the media was as 'cooperative' and controlled as they are today......'

    •  And using the troops for props whenever he needs (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      playtonjr, dolphin777

      photo ops.  The captured audience and secure fences provide him with his "I'm popular" bubble.

      It seems like a weekly occurrance, going to a base to get his "boo-yeh" dosage.

    •  I think (0+ / 0-)

      For a young recruit, death is romantic of sorts-seriously. Every war movie has the cool guy who dies.

      I believe in my heart the wounded should be shown on TV. Who was the Marine who just died last week, he was getting skin graphs -he was burnt over 90% of his body? Remember hearing about him.
      They showed the man who lost both his legs jogging with W. WTF? I couldn't believe that. If they showed the VA Hospitals I don't think anyone would enlist.

      If they showed the wounded ,enlistments would go down. I was a kid, you think your going to live, and you figure somehow if you do die it will be remembered for generations-because you were a hero. Reality is warped when your young, motivated and desperate.

    Recommended by:
    playtonjr, dolphin777


  •  i support obama but i feel he is a true coward (0+ / 0-)

    when it comes to even the mere mention of impeachment- but so are all the rest of the democratic party. i feel pelosi should be impeached for neglecting to fullfill her constitutional oath of office. their decision to take impeachment "off the table" seems to have been made because they were worried about how it would affect the political viability of the party. that is the most lame and disgusting of all reeasons to ignore the crimes of Bu$hCo. the reality is that if that so-called "leader" had done her job we would be knee deep in the midst of impeachment procedings and all of the nasty little details would be forefront in the news....... tell mr again how that would've affected the political viability of our party, Nancy. the fact is McSame wouldn't have a prayer right now.
     if you aren't already a member i suggest all of you to join:


    impeach-it does the body good impeachment-it isn't just for blow jobs anymore impeachment-i can say no more i expect no less

    by playtonjr on Thu May 15, 2008 at 04:10:48 AM PDT

  •  Media Continues to Fail Us (0+ / 0-)

    because they are in the tank for Bush... because they are Republican controlled.... because they want to keep their control over the masses!

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