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This is going to be a brief diary but I think this video clip should be spread around to show how truly vicious those on the far right truly are and how accommodating Fox News is to this extremism.

Today on Fox News Channel, Liz Trotta, was asked to comment on the Hillary RFK statement.  Here is the part that should simply make any decent person feel like vomiting or breaking something, one of the two:

Sure, she's not the first to call Obama "Osama" but I'm guessing she's the first on a national cable news network to openly state that it'd be great if both Osama and Obama could both be killed.  

And she found it hysterical.


"and now we have what ... uh...some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama [after being prompted by the FNC anchor]....well both if we could [laughing]"

Now I'm not saying in the least bit that most Republicans think this way.  But there is truly jackbooted thug aspect to the way many of these assholes think, eliminationist type shit that should really scare the bejeezus out of any decent person in this nation.

Here is the link to the video.  Please pass it around.  Fox News Channel is now on the record as accommodating the views of those who find it hilarious to think of Obama being assasinated.

**UPDATE** [4:36pm EDT]

Okay, one commenter has some very serious concerns about the brevity of the clip.   Personally, I'm not sure how anything could change the context of what Trotta said.  Hello?   She said it'd be great if both Osama AND Obama were killed.   Can anybody explain how there could be anything said before or after the clip that would change the vileness of it?  I ask because I can't think of a single word or sentence that would make it any different.

Nevertheless, to alleviate any concerns, here is the entire segment (I accidentally stopped recording probably 15 seconds before it ended but that was well after her comment):

Damn, apparently YouTube is taking awhile to process this video (the original file was 65mb).   I have to take off for a bit but I'll assume that once YouTube has it processed, the video above will become live.  It's live now.

****UPDATE:  10:32pm****

There have been a lot of comments asking for people to call the Secret Service to report this.  Many have stated that they have done so.   I think, as a couple of people suggested below, that a few complaints are better than flooding them with the same complaint from thousands of people.   So, and this is simply my opinion, I think it best to not continue with further calls to Secret Service offices.  It has been reported, they've asked if it was recorded and were pointed to the video of it.

Beyond that, as some have noted in the comments to both this and also to Stranded Wind's diary that this really won't measure up to any prosecutable crime.   So if people want to take action on this, the best ideas I've seen in the comments are contacting Fox (who probably won't do anything), Fox's advertisers (who will probably be more concerned), and contacting the AP whom Rupert Murdoch was recently named to be on the Board of Directors of.

Fox's Contact Info
(from kenjisan in the comments):

Contact FOX:
Teri Everett, Senior Vice President
Corporate Affairs & Communications
Phone: 212-852-7070

The comment regarding contacting the AP:

Murdoch was recently selected to serve on the AP (1+ / 0-)

Board of Directors. The AP should lean on Murdoch to condemn this woman's comments and to fire her. The AP contact page is here.

by 1BQ on Sun May 25, 2008 at 04:51:58 PM EST

and the Fox News advertisers:

 Let the Fox News sponsors know how you feel... (9+ / 0-)

The best way to make an impact is to hit them in their wallet.

Fox News Sponsors
Phone Numbers

by latham pipe on Sun May 25, 2008 at 04:30:04 PM EST

Also, RumsfeldResign has a diary up with contact information for Northeastern Fox Affiliates as well as the link to find your local Fox affiliate's info.   This is sometimes more effective on a local level because the local affiliates can hardly afford to lose advertisers like the corporate behemoth of NewsCorp can.

***UPDATE:  Monday 5/26***
If you're interested in contacting the sponsors of this Fox News show to express your outrage that they financially support this vile crap, here you go.

I just went back to the video feed and noted who was advertising before and after that specific segment.   These are the companies who pay for it and they need to know what they're paying for.

Before the segment:

Genworth Financial

Sham Wow!

After the segment:

Meineke Care Care Center

Husqvarna Outdoor Power Products

One-A-Day Multivitamins


Verizon Wireless

American Express

***UPDATE - Wednesday 5/28 1:39am***

Keith Olbermann named Liz Trotta 2nd Runner Up in the Worst Person in the World segment tonight.   He said she would have been the "winner" but she apologized.


Originally posted to Lauren S on Sun May 25, 2008 at 12:49 PM PDT.

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