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Keith Olberman awarded his Worst Person of the World award to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican incumbent here in the 46th Congressional District.

Josh Marshall's media empire captures the episode of Rohrabacher's obsession with "panties on the head".

If this were an isolated incident, it would be profoundly embarassing, but it's not the first time that Rohrabacher has won the award for his outrageous comments in Congressional hearings.

We were quick to issue a formal response.

"At a time when we need a serious discussion and thorough review of the allegations of torture coming out of Guantanamo Bay, Congressman Rohrabacher has used his position of trust to make jokes and liken the interrogations to nothing more than a frat party.

We need a representative in Congress who will approach the serious issues facing our country with decorum and common sense, instead of cracking jokes. Torture is not to be taken lightly especially when the prestige and moral authority of the United States government is at stake.

The voters of the 46th district deserve a Member of Congress who works hard, has a good grasp of the issues before them and who is taken seriously by their colleagues. That's how you get things done in  Congress."

Will we see his antics or our response in our local media? It's not likely that this will be reported. Our local newspapers here in the district seem good at fawning stenography when Dana Rohrabacher issues a press release, but they don't seem to notice any of the other stories. The real news only appears here in the alternative media - RandomLengths, the OC Weekly, or the District Weekly. For the millions who take a daily paper, whether it's the Orange County Register, the Los Angeles Times, or the Long Beach Press Telegram, our representative can do no wrong.

If this makes you sick take a minute to be refreshed by this antidote a song in this post by our local blogger, musician Verna Nelson . He captures in music part of the story that we're telling voters.

This wouldn't be a real diary without a chance for you to send a message opposing Dana Rohrabacher using  a few of your hard-earned dollars. Add a penny so we know it came from a Kossack.

Originally posted to Debbie Cook for Congress on Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 10:04 PM PDT.

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