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Are you itching to express sanctimonious outrage?  

Are you jealous that you haven't made the rec list complaining about horrible offenses like people wishing ill on the dead and reveling in the loss felt by their family, friends and fans?

Do you, unlike just about everyone else decrying how Daily Kos has become a horrible place, at least hope to cite an example or two?  You know, so it's not patently obviously that you're "outraged" about something that's maybe 1-2% of the comments being written on the subject?  

Well, please, use this diary as a stand-in for evidence.  The odds are that few people will click on your hyperlink, and really, it's about as solid a collection of evidence as you'll find in all the other expressions of "outrage" that are on the rec list.  But your diary will have the look of something based on, you know, evidence.  

While we're at it, feel free to use this diary as a stand in for actual evidence of just about anything else that you want to say is wrong with the world, but about which you're not going to bother to provide evidence.  

This diary has been a community service to those creating diary performance art demonstrating their superior morality to those unnamed, uncounted, uncited and probably non-existent masses at Daily Kos who are responsible for their sanctimonious outrage du jour.  

Originally posted to Dana Houle on Mon Jun 16, 2008 at 06:16 AM PDT.

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