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You have achieved "compromise".

You have compromised the Constitution of the United States.  You have compromised your role as the writers of law.  You have compromised your authority to perform over site of the Executive Branch.  You have compromised your honor, your oath, and your right to stand as the Representatives of the American people.

You have instituted "protections".

You have protected the criminal acts of a frightened, misguided, and criminal Executive Branch that has lead this country to the edge of the abyss.

You have protected the telecommunications companies that write the laws, and line your election coffers, allowing you to continue your role as "protector".

You have protected yourselves from a legal review of government spying, approved, instituted, and encouraged by your proclivity to pass legislation with out reading it.  You have protected those who would allow legislation to be written by those who would subvert the nation in the name of profits, engage in blatantly illegal behavior, and seek cover by claiming, "We were only following orders."

And now, you stand on the floor of the United States House of Representatives and ignore the pleas of those who warn that you are doing irrepairable harm to the Constitution.

Be aware.

Mr. Hoyer, your 5th district seat is no longer safe.

Ms. Pelosi, it is not sufficient to claim, "I don't really agree with all this hard stuff, but I just gotta' do it in the name of bipartisanship, 'cause I'm, like, in charge of this stuff."  Your seat, too, is now at risk.

You have a lot more than the judgment of history about which to be concerned.

You continue to think you can perform verbal slights of hand, parading "the troops", "9/11", and "this time we really mean it!", as a cover for this unconsciousnable act of betrayal.  Not so.  We who pay attention, have wised up.

And, we will not forget this act of voting for your own interests over that of We The People.  Be on notice.  Your Congressional seat, bought and paid for by those for whom you gave cover today, is no longer safe.  Republican, or Democrat, this issue will not die away.

Expect a challenge from those who still put the Constitution above petty, small minded, political posturing.  Who do not believe that the Legislative Branch can intervene in the Judicial Branch's authority, and who will never again accept an Administration that believes in its divine right to rule.

We awarded you control in the vain hope that you would put a stop to the last 7 1/2 years.  You have failed us.


Mffarrow and Sparhawk show us what to do:, dedicated to making them pay for what they've done.

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Fri Jun 20, 2008 at 09:37 AM PDT.

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