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I think some of our passionate, active friends on this forum and in other forums have truly forgotten the goal of this campaign is to recover the White House. Well, we haven't done that yet and those of us who act as if we are back in the 90's during the times of prosperity when you could be a bit more "choicy" with your stance and could have "tantrums" a bit easier. Well, this is not the time to act like babies and spoiled brats. We saw that with some of the Clinton supporters and we are now seeing it with Obama. I admit that FISA is not a "boutique" issue but don't you think its wise to actually WIN the White House before tearing apart the nominee?

Republicans have always loved these fits and battles we pitch in our own party. The absolutely think we are nuts. Of course, the battles we have have positive and negative effects but usually we can come together. I am disgusted by the behavior of those who cannot hold it together long enough for us to actually win the POTUS. I think the attitude that the Dems are just going to roll over the GOP in this election is giving our activist base a WEE BIT TOO MUCH OVERCONFIDENCE. Instead of trying to already deal with the Clinton/Obama unity issues, our activist base has decided to make a stand a bit too early IMHO regarding how to hold Obama to the fire.

Well, let me be very clear. I don't like that Obama seems to be tacking a bit too hard to the center but this is customary behavior during electon time. Obama has been such a bright effect on energizing the level of the party that we now try to elevate him to something resembling perfection.

Well folks, Obama isn't perfect and if one is reasonable, one would have to assume that he would eventually do something that got your diapers in a bunch. Well, it appears FISA is the "diaper buncher" and I am not asking people to withdraw their opposition nor stand down on trying to get our party to be stronger on this issue.

I ask everyone to "get real" and not damage the party further by destructive behavior. I mean lets be honest, some times politicians do disappoint. I am disappointed with Obama but I am not about to do anything to further push the path back to the White House off the table because I can't multitask. Can you imagine how stupid it is to not be able to balance our belief structure with our goals? How many times have you had to do this for a politician you got behind? I certainly did it for Bill Clinton on several issues, but somehow we were able to hold it together long enough to get him two terms. Why should we give Obama any less support.

If you believe in making American better, learn to F**King multitask!!!

We will not ever be able to reach any of our goals if we don't stay on the path to get DEMS elected in the numbers we want to even consider reaching the goals we care so deeply about. When the stakes are as critical as they are, the time for splintering the party IS NOT NOW!!

If you feel you have to "punish" Obama, maybe give a little less or write a letter saying that yes, you will contribute but your help on reaching the specific goal you care about might have made you be more generous. You can make your point without threatening the greater goal. But we have to learn to multitask. John McSame is not going away. Even with the positive numbers, victory is NOT GUARANTEED at all.

I want our chance at trying to fix the myriad of issues that desperately need repair to put America on better legs going forward. I am willing to "give" a little on my "purity" for the greater good of putting a stronger, more substantial Democratic Majority in office. I can do that and still bitch and whine about the issues that I am not satisfied are getting proper shrift.

So, lets not get nuts and take our feet off the accelerator.

My final rants:

  1. We need to keep working for an Obama victory and channel our current anger into phone banking, canvassing, and courting independents/republicans/disaffected voters into our camp.

2)We have to keep the money contributions going to see the 50 state strategy executed the way we hope. Is that worth being destroyed because Obama doesn't do exactly 100% of what you want?

  1. We will, IMHO, be able to better hold a Democratic congress and WH in check than we would sitting outside as John McSame destroys what remaining chances to save America.

Using the netroots to strike on issues we care about will still be available after the election.

  1. We still need to engage the whiners and those still not "coming home" after this hard fought primary. Obama in several polls is not even drawing 85% of dems. Kerry had that number in 2004. We need the highest number of Dems and other Obama supporters to avoid any election "funny business" and beat back other GOP "dirty tricks".
  1. Think! Do you want to serve your "ego" or do you want to better serve America. Obama is not perfect. Clinton wasn't either. No one is ever going to measure up compeltely to the high standards we want our Democrats to reach. But, we need to keep holding them accountable and try to drag them to greatness. With control of the government, it will be easier to excise those who fail to work toward our goals when the situation is much more favorable. An example of this is the hopeful exit of Joe Lieberman once our majority is safe enough to jettison those who will not help us reach the goals we fight so hard for.

Before all our best wishes can happen, we have to actually put the horse ahead of the cart and drag it over the victory line. I'd rather win and be PISSED than lose and see America destroyed.

Please look within yourselves and find the ability to multitask. We really do need to hold the party together and win this critical election.

Thanks for bearing with me on this.....

Originally posted to doc9464 on Sat Jun 28, 2008 at 06:15 PM PDT.


You know this election is critical, I can

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  •  O.K, get your point and agree.... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    doc9464, oh its jess

    I have been pissed at Obama long before FISA, and actually am relieved that now we see him for what he is, a politician.

    And unless you are this first, you don't get elected, you have no effect either good or bad, and you let history be shaped by others.

    I have been bothered by his religious compromises, his acceptance of monotheism as the de facto American religion, one that he is willing to be tested on.

    Sure, I wish her were different, but he's not.  So, yes, I will vote for him, and support him, but this doesn't mean that constructive criticism should be unwelcome.  

    We can not turn into the mirror image of Republicans no matter what.  And one of the issues that I am holding my nose on is acceptance of ideas expressed by Pat Boone which I describe in this diaryof my experiences yesterday.

    •  constructive criticism is a good way (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      oh its jess express your dissatisfaction. I don't want anyone to give up their views as i posted, but I think winning this election is just too critical to risk.

      I have my own issues with Obama on religion, LGBT issues, and FISA, of course but Ill keep those right next to pushing him to victory.

      Thanks for your candor!!

  •  Overstated and overplayed (0+ / 0-)

    I just do not think that the situation is as dire for Democrats in general, and Obama in specific, as you make it out.  Please visit 538.  Since I am already multi-tasking, I am not sure what the point is...I am mad about FISA, and not just Obama on that issue.  I guess I do not think we are required to have some kind of pep rally at this point.  Republicans have a lot more housekeeping to do at the moment than Dems by every indicator, even if McCain (with the help of the party) finally had a fundraising month similar to Obama.  Plus, even though you say that you do not want people to stand down, you parade out the same, tired, overplayed arguments that I have been hearing so much of..oh no look out if we all express ourselves we will lose the WH. As I have said before, if Obama loses, it will be because Obama lost the election because he got outplayed in some way.  Finally, I would not exactly call the 90's the time of plenty for the party...Clinton did not have coat-tails and dems lost the House (remember Gingrich).  This lack of historical accuracy further erodes my confidence in your pronouncements.

    If you want to truly understand something, try to change it. - Kurt Lewin

    by anim8sit on Sat Jun 28, 2008 at 08:24:26 PM PDT

  •  You lost me at (0+ / 0-)

    Well, this is not the time to act like babies and spoiled brats.

    Seriously, I've grown weary of this condescending bullshit.  Take a nap or something.

    (-9.12,-7.33) I'm calling it now-- after the first Debate, MSM will run Nixon/Kennedy into the ground

    by Mikeguyver on Sat Jun 28, 2008 at 09:08:49 PM PDT

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