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As I sit here in Iraq I find that I have become totally disgusted with the media as well as many of our elected officials. Of course there are rules that we as soldiers are supposed to follow pertaining to speaking out against the actions of elected officials......but enough is enough!!!!!!!

There are over 120,000 soldiers currently serving in Iraq right now. That’s mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers who are separated form loved ones and sacrificing, WILLINGLY, for our country.

The way that the media has chosen to cover this election is just ridiculous, totally despicable and actually serves as a dishonor to every soldier that volunteered to serve in the military. Soldiers volunteered to protect our rights and to further secure the Democracy that the United States has cherished for so many generations. To serve is probably one of the most noble things that a man or woman can do, yet I feel as though what we are sacrificing and what we are sacrificing for is being walked all over and spat upon as if it is worthless.

Take Fox News for example. They can have all the American flags waving whenever they begin their daily broadcasts and, not minutes after Sean Hannity and  Bill O’Reilly open there mouth’s they start spewing out hatred to almost every ethnic group they can think of.  They are in such a hurry to label others as anti-American that they fail to realize that they are the most anti-American, homophobic, racist media outlet in the history of America. I cringe every time I hear Bill O’Reilly attacking someone about their patriotism. Bill O’Reilly you should really be ashamed of yourself. My friend you are a total disrespect to all soldiers who wear the uniform in protection of your Freedom of Speech/Press.  

People like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Bill O’Reilly please know that I do not serve here in Iraq for your misinformed, hate driven, despicable, nasty, misguided form of patriotism.

CNN doesn’t spew as much hate as Fox but in many cases they are no better. When soldiers are serving here in Iraq trying to bring to the Iraqi people a democracy that allows them free and safe voting you idiots are pissing all over our election process by not reporting the news during America’s presidential election in a unbiased manner.

Why is it that you idiots can jump all over one candidate because of a flag pin or because of what someone else said but you allow the other candidate to get away with everything from calling his wife a CUNT, Lying to the American people over and over again...

And again....  

And again.....  

And again....  

And again ........
In addition he makes matters even worse when HE ADMITS ON NATIONAL TV that he lies intentionally for his own personal ambition.... THIS IS THE TRUTH!!! Pay attention at 6:25 of this particular video...  

By refusing to keep the American people fully informed without adding their biased spin to the News the media is spitting in the face of Free Press and displaying a total disrespect to the men and women fighting in our armed forces to continuously ensure our free and open democracy. Do you all have any morals, any sense of duty, is there an ethical bone to be found in your body?

Soldiers have died throughout history to protect your right to Freedom of Speech/Press and this is how you repay the American people. Although we cherish our freedoms as Americans the media and their outrages abuse of Freedom of Press is probably one of the most unpatriotic and disastrous elements of our democracy today......

Originally posted to AquaBoogy on Sat Jul 12, 2008 at 08:42 PM PDT.


Is the way that Main Stream Media Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc.. is covering this presidential election a disgrace to soldiers past and presence who have fought and died while protecting rights such as the Freedom of Speech/Press?

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