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  • Hilarious. The veep prospects have a IM chat.
  • Some of you may be sick of book promotional stuff, so if that stuff bothers you in the next few weeks, just scroll past it. I'm proud of the book, and I'll keep talking about it and sharing what other people say.

    Now there's been some distribution problems related to moving up the release date by two weeks. Some stores are just now getting the book in, while Amazon says they're not shipping until August 31. They'll be shipping sooner than that, but this is what happens in the staid world of book publishing when schedules get moved around, apparently. So bear with us as retailers get their stock.

  • Living Liberally's Justin Krebs reviews Taking on the System:

    Markos's new work, Taking On the System, is an exploration of how all of us have just been handed power...if we decide to grab hold. We can change media narrative by becoming our own media through blogging. We can become our own campaigns with simple cameras and free video hosting sites.

    And it's not just in politics. Markos quite consciously weaves stories of other industries, most notably the music business, among his anecdotes from Senate campaigns, the anti-war movement, immigration rallies and other political efforts. In doing so, he creates an argument that doesn't just appeal to the political junkie but to anyone who wants to understand entrepreneurship, idea-generation and anti-authoritarianism in the digital era. He also does it in a well-written, fun, and at-times inspirational style that is full of examples and lessons, which are helpfully broken down into "rules."

    My parents will understand the progressive movement -- and these times -- much better when they read it.

  • Justin also promotes out one of my few book-promotional stops, this one in NYC:

    Markos will be speaking at the Living Liberally Convention Watch Party on Thursday, September 4th, the evening of John McCain's address -- at The Tank @ DCTV, 87 Lafayette Street, in Manhattan.

    Also in NYC that day, September 4th, a discussion and signing at the Barnes and Noble in Brooklyn (106 Court Street), from 7-9 p.m. ET. After that event I'll rush over to the Tank for the big McCain bash.

  • Another of my rare public appearances this year will be in Houston, Texas on September 22 when I speak at the Progressive Forum. Tickets to that event will be discounted for the next couple of weeks, so if you plan on going, now is a good time to register. Looking at their roster of upcoming speakers, I see that they've got Larry Wilmore coming as well. Some of you may know him as the Daily Show's "Senior Black Correspondent". That guy is awesome.
  • Another Taking on the System review, this one by Carnacki over at West Virginia Blue:

    But perhaps the most important section of the book may be the most obvious. Yet like Sherlock Holmes identifying the culprit, it needs to be pointed out for others to see.

    After describing how Thomas Jefferson's background an aristocratic planter had no background suited to write the Declaration of Independence, Charles Darwin's academic record of a medical school dropout interested in natural science because of his fondness for beetle races as a boy, and Benjamin Franklin's resume of printer was "pathetically underqualified to found a nation, kos writes:

    "The world is often changed most radically by people who refuse to 'know their place.' So-called amateurs who refuse to rein in their curiosity or acknowledge areas of 'expertise' have made specialized gatekeepers nervous, scornful, and defensive since time immemorial Upstarts who deny that there are boundaries to knowledge and action, who defiantly meld interests and tear down walls, are a constant challenge to the status quo."

    His lines perhaps sum up best what I've tried to do founding West Virginia Blue [...]

    I went to Netroots Nation in Austin (as a Democracy for America scholar) with the purpose of getting the advice I needed for West Virginia Blue. I had a delightful experience and there were many informative seminars. But I found the playbook I needed in this book.

  • And I do an interview with the HuffPost.
  • Republicans are going to try and crash the Denver convention by sending out Romney, Giuliani, and a host of other surrogates.

    Romney, along with Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Fla.) and Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), will be camped out in the Republican war room, which houses its own television studio and is within “walking distance” of the Democratic convention floor, GOP officials said.

    Republicans will also be working to book Romney and the members of Congress on the morning shows of the local network affiliates and local radio stations throughout the week, all in an attempt to divert as much news coverage as possible from the Democrats' show. Colorado is seen as a key state that will be fiercely contested in the general election.

  • Ahh, one reason that McCain doesn't know how many houses he has is because some of the properties have multiple houses on them.

    McCain said the valley was settled by Mormons and that the Hidden Valley Ranch got its name from the horseshoe shape of the creek that runs through the property.

    He said he built the first house on his property 24 years ago and now there are six houses on his lot.

    Just like average non-elitist Americans! (Via Atrios.)

  • I'd like to say I own one home, but that wouldn't be accurate. The bank owns it.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Thu Aug 21, 2008 at 01:39 PM PDT.

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