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Current Hurricane Gustav Liveblog Child Diary: Child Diary #8 by pico

General Information about this Mothership


Roll Call Diary #1 by Asinus Asinum Fricat - Please Check In
Roll Call Diary #2 by Asinus Asinum Fricat - Please Check In
Hurricanes and Twitter by RenaRF - How to Stay Connected

Weather Diaries by millwx - Latest Update: Monday, 9:23 a.m. CDT


Current Mothership Updaters: Barbara, Floja Roja, Jimdotz, jlms_qkw, joanneleon, donnamarie, Ellicatt, ReallyEvilCanine, exmearden

Child Diarist Line-up

  1.  Peggy
  1. Geez53

Previous Child Diaries:

#7: Pluto
#6: Losty
#5: Brklyngrl
#4: Deoliver47
#3: Isara
#2: Pluto

Update: Sunday, 4:45 pm EDT, from Pluto

Per Houston County E.M.A. Director Clark Matthews:
Governor Riley has instructed that Wallace College to be opened for evacuees from hurricane Gustav. Staffing will be in place shortly. Road signs are being put up to guide evacuees to that location.

If you know of any evacuees seeking shelter, please direct them there.

Update Information:

Sunday, 1:45 pm EDT: Conference Call Info from Stranded Wind
You can use to arrange a conference call if you need to do so for any reason. All you need to get an account is an email address and it takes just two minutes to rig up a call. There are all sorts of features but the minimum is simple - set up a call with a dozen slots for callers, post the call in number and code IN THE SUBJECT of the comment announcing the call. We've been using 62262 (OBAMA!) as the access code instead of the random six digits codes the web site issues. [Update, 01 Sep: this feature was disabled; only the given code can now be used - REC]

This is BarbaraS, I just got off the phone with a good friend who works in Texas coordinating with Homeland Security and the various Shelters/Rescues for ALL YOU ANIMAL PEOPLE.  Anyone who wants to get involved with donating/sending supplies, I will be getting informed as to WHAT, WHEN, WHERE TO SEND, ETC. has mobilized to the Gulf Coast.  Some of the FAIRGROUNDS in Texas are opening to allow livestock to come in.  Shelters in Texas are moving pets NOW to other states so that they can start taking on pets.  Please email me if you want to be on the list that I contact as I know what is needed.  Namaste.  Barbara

Evacuation Information

Texas Evacuation

Jefferson and Orange counties: mandatory evacuation of all residents starts Sunday at
 1. 6 a.m. in Sabine Pass
 2. 8 a.m. in Port Arthur
 3. 10 a.m. in towns north of Port Arthur
 4. 12 noon in Beaumont
Sabine Pass residents ordered out first.

Evacuation for New Orleans and surrounding areas

Estimated Evacuation Times from New Orleans:
Alexandria: 16 hours (800) 841-5778 (special needs shelter)
Baton Rouge: 8 hours (800) 349-1372 (special needs shelter)
Hattiesburg: 8 hours
Houston: 18 hours
Jackson: 24 hours
Lafayette: 8 hours (800) 901-3210 (special needs shelter)
Lake Charles: 16 hours
Meridian: 16 hours

Monroe: (866) 280-7287(special needs shelter)
New Orleans Area: (504) 658-2500 (special needs shelter)
Shreveport: 20 hours (800) 841-5776 (special needs shelter)

Travel time during an evacuation is four times longer than in normal conditions

Immigrant Information

DHS says in a press release 8/31/08:
"All residents of the Gulf Coast region need to evacuate."
"There are no immigration enforcement operations, and there are no immigration enforcement checkpoints associated with the evacuations." (h/t Jimdotz)

Immigration Prof Blog
The United People of Color Caucus
Gustav Immigrant evacuation effort by siberia9

Housing Assistance:
Housing Assistance, alkalinesky

Storm progression links:

millwx's diaries
DarkSyde's diaries
NOAA National Hurricane Center
NOAA Satellite Loop
National Weather Service NO radar (from Spathiphyllum)
NHC Experimental Podcasts
Alternate Versions of the NHC
(text, mobile/PDA, WAP)
Weather Underground
Loop Current
Loop Current Wiki
NOAA color-enhanced imaging
Hurricane Watch Net
Storm Carib

Louisiana News Links:

The Times Picayune
live audio feed from radio station WWL

They're a CBS affiliate of the "news-sports-talk" variety. It'll be lower bandwidth than the live TV streams and will probably be as up to the minute as you can get. As suggested in diary #4, it's best if you only listen if you need real-time information -- if you're just listening for idle curiosity, it's probably better to get your updates here or from a source not located in the affected area (e.g. Weather Underground or the Weather Channel).
h/t Omir the Storyteller

MaroonSpoon;  h/t Pluto.  

If you want to watch all four New Orleans TV channels at the same time, click the link below.  This is a cool dashboard. Make sure you don't have any other feeds streaming. For fast broadband only. It really slows things down if you have too much open at the same time.  This is newsfeed with a capital N.

Mississippi News Links:

Gulf Coast News/Mississippi Coast Area
Clarion Ledger


Bourbon Street
Verified NOLA Webcams
Some guy's backyard
French Quarter Webcam
NOLA BridgeCam (close to convention center; pointed SE per dingodude)
Three guys in Houma plan to ride out the storm

Additional Resources:

Rick Noreiga list of links/resources
Boat US Spaghetti

Hurricane Information Channel on DirecTV; Channel 363
  General Population Pick-Up Sites
  RTA buses and Train information
  Pet friendly hotels
  Senior Citizens Evacuation Pickup Sites
  map information on evacuation routes
  Weather Channel weather map
  Volunteer Information of various organizations
  state resources for Louisiana
  Evacuation Tips
  Disaster Supplies Kit
  Pets/Animals Supply Kit
  NOAA Weather Radio Information Local station information
  Transportation and evacuation information for various parishes/areas
DirecTV simulcast of NO TV station WDSU; Channel 361
Tulane U. announcements

Info from Comments:

Peace Corps Volunteers in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are Safe in the Wake of
Tropical Storm Gustav
Evacuations in NOLA are now Mandatory  8am Sunday
St Bernard - mandatory evacuation Sunday
St John parish MANDATORY evac NOW (reported Sat; 10:12pm, EDT)
Algiers evacuation starts 8 AM Sunday
Texas Evac info:  Jefferson and Orange counties/planned issuing an evacuation order at 6 a.m. Sunday,
Texas SPCA - Fairgrounds are beginning to prepare for livestock to be brought in; ALL shelters in Texas and beyond are preparing to take on animals
call 1 800 469-4828 LSP hotline to call for road closure info for New Orleans Area
NO airport to close at 6 pm Sunday
Amtrak statement and Info provided by DoctorScience
St. Bernard Parish now locked down; no one allowed back in; 11:40pm EDT
Contra-flow began Sunday at 4:00am (NO)
Ham Radio Information provided by zipn
Map of St. Bernard Parish

UPDATE Sunday, 11:30 a.m EDT:
Texas Evacuation:

Jefferson and Orange counties: mandatory evacuation of all residents starts Sunday at
  1. 6 a.m. in Sabine Pass
  2. 8 a.m. in Port Arthur
  3. 10 a.m. in towns north of Port Arthur
  4. 12 noon in Beaumont
Sabine Pass residents ordered out first.

NO and area Evacuation Information

Estimated Evacuation Times from New Orleans:
Alexandria 16 hours (800) 841-5778 (special needs shelter)
Baton Rouge 8 hours (800) 349-1372 (special needs shelter)
Hattiesburg 8 hours
Houston            18 hours
Jackson            24 hours
Lafayette   8 hours (800) 901-3210 (special needs shelter)
Lake Charles         16 hours
Meridian            16 hours
Monroe                (866) 280-7287(special needs shelter)
New Orleans Area   (504) 658-2500 (special needs shelter)
Shreveport            20 hours (800) 841-5776 (special needs shelter)
Travel time during an evacuation is four times longer than in normal conditions

Emergency Alert Radio System

In the event of any emergency, information will be broadcasted on these Louisiana Emergency Alert System radio stations
Alexandria.........KZMZ 580 AM and 96.9 FM    Baton Rouge.....WJBO 1150 AM and WFMF 102.5 FM
Lafayette..........KVOL 1330 AM and KTDY 99.9 FM    Lake Charles.....KLCL 1470 AM and KHLA 99.5 FM
Monroe.............KNOX 540 AM and 101.9 FM    New Orleans.....WWL 870 AM and WLMG 101.9 FM
Shreveport........KWKH 1130 AM and 94.5 FM

HOTLINE for Spanish Speaking Residents 1-866-288-4539 per Mr SeeMore
New Emergency Contact #s For Finding Loved Ones (starting Monday 9/1/08):
      (202)225-6636 - inside Louisiana
      (866)498-6161 - toll free from anywhere in the US
         per MichaelOHara

Online Information Clearinghouses (from JeremyC)

Hurricane Gustav Wiki
Hurricane Gustav Information Center @ Ning
Digital Support Brigade on Facebook
#gustav feed @ Twitter
Digital Voice Bulletin Board to Help Evacuees Reconnect

Offers of assistance:

Atlanta-area Lodging Offer
We Care Texas

This site will provide
information regarding resources for medical, housing, food and water, transportation,
communication, and search information for lost relatives and loved ones.

Noah's Wish; animal rescue

San Antonio Red Cross Volunteers; please coordinate with MKSinSA
Two portable systems for broadband communications via portable satellite for trusted
Kosmate team headed in after storm hits; see Bajadudes comment.
United Animal Nations; Emergency Animal Rescue Service
Once the storm hits, try text messaging vs. phone calls.  You might have better luck.
AustinCynics  Employer can board 10-15 dogs in the Austin area.

Additional Information

Gustav Eying Gulf Oil and the LOOP", written by ManfromMiddletown
From Terre in Child #4: Curfew starts at 10pm local time, although I heard Nagin say it would start at sundown.

arubyan's view from Baton Rouge

The Chitimacha Face Another Storm by dizzydean

About Liveblog:

We're doing this Gustav Mothership diary series like we did for the California Wildfires last October. We were able to keep the Wildfires Mothership diary on the Rec List for days and we were the go-to place for information.

Some of this is from the Wildfire blogs. Here are links so anyone not familiar with the concept can get a handle: CA Wildfires Mothership, CA Wildfires Child diary

Originally posted to Liveblog on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 11:25 AM PDT.

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