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This video is hilarious and I really hope it become viral. It's not dated, that I can see, but it was obviously taped before the pick. Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan mock as ridiculous the possibility of Sarah Palin being named McCain's running mate.

What's more, they go on to dismiss the idea that her qualifications are anywhere near Obama's as Obama has been on the national stage a long time and running and excellent campaign who "validated himself with 18 million votes." And beating everyone, including knocking out Hillary.

They also blast the idea of Palin as a Hillary substitute as silly and state it would be seen as "condescending" to women.

This is perfect antithesis to the GOP talking points that have obviously made the rounds in the last few days. The talking heads, including Buchanan sure changed their tunes quickly.

Please recommend this video, it has a measly 2,300 hits right now.

Edited to add direct link.

Update: These remarks were apparently made Friday morning, mere hours before the Palin announcement. These blowhards must all be spending their holiday weekend being treated for whiplash, after making such an abrupt 180.

Update 2: Adding Digg link here. Please click on it. Sorry it took so long, I was out celebrating that socialist holiday, Labor Day.

And good job, this video has seen 32,000 more clicks today!

Update 3:
Because a picture says 1,000 words:


Update 4: Over 66,000 hits on youtube now! YAY! And also to grip, who emptied my tip jar? I had over 600 in there and now, it's zero. It's ok, just put it back when I'm not looking and no questions will be asked.

Originally posted to Scott Wooledge on Mon Sep 01, 2008 at 09:02 AM PDT.

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