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After the stellar week that was the Democratic Convention it was only natural that the following week would be a profound disappointment.

Every day of the Democratic Convention went off without a hitch. Each speech was better than the last. Each speaker gave the speech of a lifetime. The fireworks went off on cue unlike the memory of the balloons that got stuck, and people cried with joy, happiness and pride for what their country could produce.

I watched every day and was enthralled by the ability of every speaker to deliver a well-crafted, inspiring speech.

The Republicans could not match it.

Then came Friday. I expected to hear Obama's speech all day, all the time, everywhere, with Pat Buchanan praising it....but I got Sarah Palin. Or, rather, we got Sarah Palin. Everyone scratched their heads while she hogged the news like the Beauty Queen she is. Everyone speculated as to who she was while McCain gushed over her perfect qualities. The media, the internet, the world, vetted her immediately. It was all there and it wasn't pretty. In fact, it started to become trashy quite fast. First there was Troopergate, then Baygate, then Troopergate again, then Babygate agaim, then Reformergate, then Stevensgate, then Bridge to Nowheregate, then AIP-gate....and now every tiny little thing is out there from "busty" photos to DWIs when someone was 20. She is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.

The only reason she has weathered the storm so far is that the Gods have sent a hurricane to interfere with the Republican Convention. My guess it that some members of Dobson's church weren't specific enough in their prayers. On the other hand, the events that have unfolded perfectly reflect the nature of a perverse divinity who enjoys "testing" the faithful. The Republican Party, if nothing else, has redefined itself as the Party of the Faithful and as such, seems to be the recipient of Divine Attention this week. With hurricane Hannah making landfall on Friday, one week after Hurricane Sarah hit, things will only get worse.

Enter the "Steambath"

It is fitting that the prayed for rain would fall on the Republican Parade.

It is fitting that McCain, the Maverick, would choose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

It is fitting that Pregnancy scandals would abort the abstinence-only candidate's "holier than thou" image.

It is fitting that anti-earmark candidate would be for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it.

It is fitting that the law and order Candidate would be involved in an "abuse of Power" for Troopergate.

It is fitting that a Fundamentalist who prides herself on her religious and sexual views would hire a hack for political office who has a sexual harassment case against him.

It is fitting that Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience be attributed to Alaska's proximity to Russia.

It is fitting that one of two bills she signed would not benefit Alaska as much as it benefits the Canadians. Christy1847

It is fitting that the Republican Convention, such that it is, would have the riots and out-of-control Police that the MSN hoped would show up to the Democratic Convention.

It is fitting that the Republican Party would "put on their American hats" only to find out that their Vice Presidential candidate in waiting was a member of the Alaaska Independence Party that wants to "break away" from the United States.

It is fitting that That although Obama gave the "Speech of a Lifetime" at the Democratic convention, it would be McCain that really needs a knockout speech.

Somewhere a perverse God is laughing. I am rubber. You are glue. What bounces off me, will stick on you!

Originally posted to Temmoku on Tue Sep 02, 2008 at 06:41 AM PDT.

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