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The Obama Campaign doesn't cease to amaze me. Rather than let the Republicans "own" the moral values issues, he's taking it right to them.

He has sent the first salvo and it's a wonderful thing to behold.

Obama ad slams McCain on abortion rights

I don't have a link to the ad, it is a Radio spot. If I find it, I will post it. In the meantime, here are a few snippets from the article:

"Let me tell you: If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, the lives and health of women will be put at risk. That's why this election is so important," says the nurse-practitioner who narrates Obama’s ad. "John McCain's out of touch with women today. McCain wants to take away our right to choose. That's what women need to understand. That's how high the stakes are."

An announcer then claims that "As president, John McCain will make abortion illegal," before playing an exchange on "Meet the Press" in which McCain told Tim Russert that he favors "a constitutional amendment to ban all abortions."

"We can't let John McCain take away our right to choose. We can't let him take us back," says the ad.

It also appears that the ad buy went out BEFORE the Palin pick. So, who is it people were saying wasn't tough enough??? HA! Obama is kicking ass and taking names. I love it!

UPDATE 1: courtesy of fedupcitizen in the comments.

Script for Obama Radio Ad on Abortion

OBAMA: I’m Barack Obama, candidate for president, and I approved this message.

VAL BARON: As a nurse practitioner with Planned Parenthood, I know abortion is one of most difficult decisions a woman will ever make. I’m Val Baron. Let me tell you - if Roe v Wade is overturned, the lives and health of women will be put at risk.  That’s why this election is so important.  John McCain’s out of touch with women today. McCain wants to take away our right to choose. That’s what women need to understand. That’s how high the stakes are.

ANNCR: As president, John McCain will make abortion illegal.  McCain says quote, "I do not support Roe v. Wade. It should be overturned." And listen to McCain’s answer on Meet the Press:

RUSSERT: "A constitutional amendment to ban all abortions. You’re for that?"

McCAIN: "Yes, sir."

AL BARON: We can’t let John McCain take away our right to choose. We can’t let him take us back.

ANNCR: Paid for by Obama for America.

Originally posted to jbalazs on Tue Sep 02, 2008 at 07:31 PM PDT.

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