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Viruses survive by spreading.  This is simple knowledge.  There is a balance in a virus between how infective it is, its mortality rate and whether it causes symptoms that increase it's spread.  If a virus has too high of a mortality rate, then it will kill off its host body too quickly before the virus has spread.  To compensate for the impending death of the host organism, we often see the final hurrah of a virus express itself through a violent explosion of infectious filth from the host body.  A last desperate attempt to survive its host body.  However, given the damage that the virus has already caused (via symptoms) these last explosions are often ineffective as the symptoms of the disease have already driven away other humans who know to avoid the filth.

Today the GOP hocked a giant bloody loogy named Sarah Palin. The good news is, most Americans had enough sense to quarantine themselves from this filth.

This shriveling, atrophied dying brainstem of ChristoRepublicanism is flailing about for anything to grab on to.  They're going back to the well of ridicule and disdain, but it (hopefully) is clear by now that this is just infectious filth being spread indiscriminately.  When you have the explosive bowel movement that is Rudy Giuliani spewing that Barack disdained Wasilia because it's not cosmopolitan enough and clings to religion (while a picture of his and my hometown of NYC is on the screen behind him), the virus has given up any hope of stealthy infection.  It's clear to anyone with good sense to stay away.

So the theme is Community Organizers are a joke or worse, a cancer.  This is that last desperate paroxysm of a dying pseudo-ideology (ideology implies there is an intellectual core to modern Republican branded Conservatism).  For crying out loud, Palin was on the PTA - what does this twit think the PTA is?  Nothing is more American than reaching out to your neighbors to improve your society.  And there is nothing that this virus loves more than to put up walls between neighbors.

So it'll soon be done, and the putrefied corpse of Karl Rove's permanent majority will be taken to the crematorium.  Many people will mourn the passing and remember this party in its better years.  My mother for one has finally renounced her party membership after years of hoping that they would return someday to the party of Rockefeller.  She will reminisce about the days before the virus arrived.

But she, like the rest of us, has learned that this is not a cold or the flu, this is a fatal disease.  And we should all get out of its way and let it run its course.

Of course, maybe we need to innoculate ourselves and our communities a little bit.  This virus seems to have a low opinion of community organizing and engaging our neighbors.  So I think that's just what I'll do.  Maybe you should do the same.

Originally posted to NYPragmatist on Thu Sep 04, 2008 at 07:41 AM PDT.

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