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Sam Stein at the Huffington Post, reports Gov. Rendell of PA calls out Mrs. Palin and her crooked ways.

Gov. Ed Rendell decried a double standard in the treatment of Sarah Palin on Monday, saying that if it was he who was at the center of the "troopergate" investigation, the press would be calling for his head.

"She [claims to be] a reformer," said the Pennsylvania Democrat. "And yet she is being investigated on the charge that she used her power as governor to fire someone who was going through a messy divorce with a relative of hers. Could you imagine if I was doing the same thing in Pennsylvania? You would be calling for my impeachment."

He goes on to say,

"[The McCain camp] has tried to again obscure the facts about Gov. Palin. 'She is a reformer and against earmarks.' No she isn't, when she was mayor of that town she hired a lobbyist to get earmarks... 'She was against the bridge to nowhere.' No she wasn't. She was for the bridge to nowhere first... She is a budget balancer. But she left the town in greater debt then when she became mayor, so she is not a budget balancer."

After hearing Ed attack Barack with the populist message during the primaries, it's great to see him work on behalf of the party. Kudos to Hillary and Ed. Obama needs to step back and let these operatives slice and dice Palin. Rendell is exactly right on the money. If he is skinny but tough, now is the time to show it.

Above all else, I think our country needs to change the last eight years of foreign policy mistakes of the Bush administration and their ultra-Neocons. We can't afford another four years of the Neocons.

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Update: Thanks to TomP, Here is a video of Obama in Michigan today saying she is basically lying.

Update: Youtube is blocking this video from being shown on Daily Kos, So here is the YouTube link.

Thanks to Everyone for my first trip to the Rec list. Let's stick together to fight these Evil, Lying and Corrupt Republicans Nationwide. The real Tip Jar is Here. Thanks Again.

Originally posted to Tricky on Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 01:48 PM PDT.

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