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TENNESSEE is the VOLUNTEER STATE and in that tradition I volunteer.

At 62 years young, out of work on zero income, and just denied health insurance after my COBRA expired on June 20th I have to do something. The catastrophic health insurance I tried to purchase would have cost nearly $400 a month. Since I was denied insurance I will use that money to go to Colorado and do my part to help insure Barack Obama and Joe Biden get those 9 electoral votes. With Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico added to the Kerry states Obama and Biden will win.

I've got a little money saved up and I intend to spend whatever it costs trying to get Barack Obama and Joe Biden elected to save this country. If I can spend what little I have and travel cross-country to work for free for 6 weeks, I hope you can do just a little more than you thought you might.

I intend to do it for all of us

There is power and pain in being right more often than not:
I drove to California with my brother back in 1972 to help George McGoven win the California primary. That part was successful but after Nixon destroyed McGovern in the general I left for Canada that night and lived in the Montreal area for 4 years until Nixon was gone before returning to the US in Vermont. Nixon was run from office after years of lying and the deaths of thousands of human beings in the horror that was Vietnam.

I raised a ton of money for Jimmy Carter in 76/80 with my sound company doing toursound for free for the Marshall Tucker Band and Charlie Daniels We did several shows to raise money for Jimmy including the 77 inaugural ball at the National Guard Armory. Jimmy Carter was so right about the need of this country to wean itself from foreign oil. If we had followed his advice we wouldn't be in this mess now.

I was Al Gore Senior's Senate Page back in 1961 and I've loved his son the true President all my life. I did everything I could to help him win living in California in 2000. If Al Gore had taken the office he won we would be in great shape in this country today.

But I've never felt as strongly about getting someone elected as I do this year so I'm going to do the only thing I know how to do and that's to go where I think I can do the most good where this election may be won or lost in Colorado. So it's Colorado for me for six weeks leaving Knoxville around September 20th.

I have a daughter there and a grandson that I want to see of course
and that gives me a place to stay some of the time.

My 97 Astro Van is set up with a bed in the back where I can sleep
and it carries my bike and canoe for a few hours of recharging each week.

I am going to drive slowly across the country from Knoxville, TN to the Rockies to see how much gas I can save on well inflated tires with as much Obama signage as I can safely display.

Since I don't have a job I can stay through to the election.

I fear that Tennessee is lost to the Obama-Biden ticket no matter what happens. The polls show a 25 point lead for McSame      
Rasmussen 8/20/08 500 LV 60 McCain 35 Obama

I fear most of my fellow Tennesseans lack the judgment to do what is right and that hard work here will not change the outcome of either the Presidential or Senate elections.

However in Colorado the polls show a very close race for the Presidency and a contested race for the US Senate and I believe that work done there will be rewarded with both 9 Electoral Votes for Obama-Biden and a US Senate seat for Mr. Udall replacing a Republican.

My job and my health insurance are gone thanks to Mr Bush and the Republicans and I have a powerful desire to pay them back by putting them out of work and power in Washington. I will feel better about spending what little I have left in a place where I believe I can do the most good.

My son in law Ben works for Leave No Trace an environmental foundation that teaches young people how to use the wilderness and the ocean without making a negative impact. Sara Palin has no idea what that means.  

My daughter Allison has her own business BirdDog Press using 100% recycled materials and a hand operated letter press. John McSame uses enough power and creates enough waste for 50 Ben and Allisons.  
I intend to do this for Ben and Allison because their future is threatened if McSame is elected.

My grandson Cullin became 2 years old on Tuesday Sept 2nd.
So I am doing this for him and all the little people like him that deserve so much more than what Republicans provide.

My nephew Bryan is a straight A student living in Crossville, TN.
His High School where he was a very popular class leader and member of the golf, basketball, and soccer teams opened late this year and canceled all honors programs because of funding problems brought on by the Bush recession. He has had to transfer to Oak Ridge High School 50 miles away from his home as a result and my brother David and his wife Gena have taken an apartment in Oak Ridge so their son can get a decent education and a shot at his dream of attending Duke University.
I am doing this for them

My brother Sam and his wife Dr. Megan and children Brownyn, Caleb, and Ursula left Cambridge, MA. and spent the summer in Rwanda helping the people of Africa with medical assistance. I am doing this to follow their example of service and giving.

I believe it's the best thing I can do at this time to help and if anyone in Colorado is out there who can offer any advice as to where I should go to do the most good I would love to hear from you in the comment section. I hope this diary might inspire others to do the same. Any advice or moral support is most welcome.  

*I know this may seem like I am abandoning the 50 State strategy and it may be disappointing to my fellow Tennesseans who are working hard here in Tennessee, but my belief is that some of you might do more good in neighboring North Carolina, Georgia, or Missouri in the Presidential race or in Mississippi, Georgia, or North Carolina in the Senate races. 25 points in Tennessee seems insurmountable to me but your hard work this year may well pay off in time so don't be discouraged.

I am willing to spend what little I have in an all out effort to save this country from more years of corporate Republican rape and control. Once again I'm putting my money (what little I have) and my time and life on the line in action behind my words. If I can do that much what can you do to help.

I don't want your money - but if you are inspired by this expamle give some to the Obama Biden campaign today.

If you are in Colorado and you know where I can go do the most to help comment in this diary.

If you believe as I do that ACTION like this will save the planet and our country then recommend this diary.  

If you are a fighter and want to be a winner then take some of you time and donate it to the campaign.

This is a fight we have to win. The stakes couldn't be higher and the choice could not be more clear. I am going to give everything I have to give to get this done. What are you going to do?

Originally posted to aurabass on Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 03:03 PM PDT.


What are you going to do now?

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