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McCain turned hard RIGHT in his selection of Palin.
He had to because he had nothing else to run on.

He IS part of the Republican machine that has decimated
the US economy.

Yes the Surge was a success technically but so was
the initial invasion! The true test will be what happens
now that the surge is over. This may be another premature
'Mission Accomplished!'

Lets not also forget that if the Bush Administration had
not rushed to war, with Mccain's support by the way;
we would not have needed the surge in the first place.

How much credit do you get for organizing a bucket brigade
when you set the barn on fire?

Let's also realize that Palin has not given a REAL
interview or taken questions from the press. WHEN
is she? It is clear she is being sheltered because she
is so far off the beaten path of National and International
events and politics the gaping hole of knowledge she
does not have would be clear to anyone.

Also if you want to know how to handle Palin think
of how the Republicans treat Hillary, take a page out
of the Republican playbook. Take off the gloves, the rest of
the world will. She keeps repeating the same speech
like a trained parrot! Come On!

McCain keeps talking about change and being a maverick?
Well based on his pick for VP, McCain seems to be full
heartedly embracing the same politics of the Bush Administration. He is pandering to the Right and practicing the politics of divisiveness Bush used to get elected. This is Change?

The more McCain does this, the more he is becoming the
very thing he says he is not, a party man, another Bush.

Bush ran based on fear and the lack patriotism of the
Democrats, McCain is doing the same thing? This is Change?

Bush ignored the downturn of the economy, McCain
is doing the same. This is change?

Bush pandered to the Religious Right, McCain is doing
the same. This is Change?

Bush ran on slogans, platitudes, attacks and no actual
details on HOW he would fix things. McCain is doing
the same. This is Change?

Forget Plain or view Palin for what she REALLY is.
The Desperate move of a drowning political campaign.

The way the Republicans blindly embraced Palin based on
nothing but a prepared speech in a secure setting and the way Palin energized the Republican party, shows just how little McCain has to offer. These are actions not based on logic, but fear, desperation and need. The Republicans were drowning and  clung to the first thing floating by, it doesn't matter what it is, it just mattered it was there,

The Republicans KNOW the Bush Administration failed
utterly and completely. The Republicans had the opportunity
to put into practice all of their political beliefs. The result is complete and total failure on a systemic level. The Republican Broke the US, figuratively and literally.

McCain with his pick of Palin, his pandering to the religious
right, the fear mongering about America's safety, the embrace
of partisan rovian politics is the final page of the selling out of the McCain legacy.

McCain HAS changed, for the worst.

Originally posted to VirtualTruth on Wed Sep 10, 2008 at 08:36 AM PDT.

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