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I just got an email that looks to me like it might be the ticket to a Democrat in the White House. So, if you want to make sure that Sarah Palin can continue to work on her foreign policy experience by living near Russia for four more years, read on!!!

Ohio has a "golden week" - Sept 30 to Oct 6 - in which you can REGISTER AND VOTE all in the same day. That means no 8 hour lines, no finding out you aren't registered and being stuck, no phony provisional ballots, etc. This is our chance to really GOTV before the other side goes into full gear with their SOTV campaigns (suppress out the vote).

But... we need help. Whatever you can give...people, cars, money, all of the above. And if you can't do any of those things, rec this diary and forward the message on. Details below.

UPDATE: The $$ raised on ActBlue is going up every time I hit refresh!!! I don't know what number it started at when I posted this diary but when I first looked (and this was after I gave my $750) there was about $6800. Now, the last I saw there were 98 donors and $10,093 raised. NICE!

Hat tip to author and activist Anna Lappe for all of this information.

Details are here:
Contact for more info: cristina.moon at gmail dot com

Here are some specific ways to help from the folks at VoteTodayOhio:

  1. Volunteer. Get yourself to Ohio, preferably in a large car, by the night of Sept 28. We'll give you housing, training and a meaningful job for the week. Fill out the Online Sign-Up Sheet at
  1. Lend us your car or home. We need wheels to drive voters to the polls, and beds to sleep in all over Ohio. Can you help us find either for the week? If so, contact cristina.moon at gmail dot com.
  1. Donate. Help us pay for vans, gas and posters. We're looking for generous individuals or teams of friends to sponsor one van -- $750 for the week. Make an online donation here:

My thought about donating is that I would rather give my money to this campaign instead of directly to Obama because I know it's going EXACTLY where it is most needed and actually resulting concretely in votes and also because NOT ONE PENNY OF IT is going to DC insider consultants. It is all going to activists who are using it as wisely as possible, sleeping on couches, sharing rides, and working around the clock. (And - if anyone happens to have maxed out giving to Obama - this has no max that I'm aware of. You don't have to stop giving at $2300 if you happen to be loaded like that.)

Quick Update
Someone in the comments mentioned other swing states that have similar rules. So maybe this is a strategy to use in many states, not just Ohio. But for now - since we've got only 1 week in Ohio and the effort's already in place to get people there and get voters voting, let's stick to Ohio for the moment.

Swing States where this works are (in order of urgency) as follows:
Virginia: Sept 19 - Oct 6
Missouri: Sept 23 - Oct 8
Ohio: Sept 30 - Oct 6
Iowa: Sept 25 - Oct 25
Maine: Oct 6 - Nov 4
Minnesota: Oct 6 - Nov 4
Wisconsin: Oct 6 - Nov 4

Of those, only WI, ME, and MN went blue last time. And I worry about Wisconsin this time around - we barely got it last time. I think we can take Iowa so it's worth putting in effort there. Virginia and Missouri might be a stretch but we won Senate seats there 2 years ago so it's not impossible. And of course - Ohio.

Originally posted to OrangeClouds115 on Mon Sep 15, 2008 at 12:58 PM PDT.

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