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I'm sure you're all getting lots of crazy Obama email. I somehow miss out on most of this email because uh...I don't have any crazy wingnuts in my family and because I don't befriend Republicans (maybe that's mean, but honestly, who has the time). Either way, I'm one of those lucky few who doesn't have to deal with dumb "Obama is a Muslim", "the bad economy is the Democrats' fault", and "Obama is the antichrist" emails - and whatever other ones happen to be out there that I'm presently unaware of.

Today I got two forward emails. One came from my sister - it was amusing and pro-Obama, the other came from our very own Light Emitting Pickle! LEP had received an email from an American person she knows and it needed debunking (and I needed a Top Comments topic!), so I figured we could have fun and debunk this one together! That way, anyone who receives this email in the future - can just respond with our very own message that tells the truth instead.

Let's get started!

Here is the text of the email (please pardon the yelling below - easy to get carried away with the CAPS LOCK SOMETIMES!!):

Kinda says it all!!

Seven & a half years!

George Bush has been in office for 7 1/2 years. The first six the economy
was fine.

A little over one year ago:

  1. Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
  1. Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;
  1. The unemployment rate was 4.5%.
  1. The DOW JONES hit a record high -- 14,000+
  1. American's were buying new cars, taking cruises and vacations overseas,

living large!

But American's wanted 'CHANGE'! So, in 2006 they voted in a Democratic
Congress & yep -- we got 'CHANGE' all right!

  1. Consumer confidence has plummeted;
  1. Gasoline is now around $4 a gallon;
  1. Unemployment is up to 5% (a 10% increase);
  1. Americans have seen their home equity drop by $12 trillion dollars &

prices are still dropping;

  1. 1% of American homes are in foreclosure.
  1. THE DOW is probing another low ~11,300 -- $2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS HAS



Now the Democrats' candidate for president -- and the polls say he's gonna
be 'the man' -- claims he's gonna really give us change! Just how much more
'change' do you think you can stand?

Have a very nice day.

Here are some ideas for responses - add your own in the comments please!!

How much change can we stand - indeed! Let's look at what changed from the Clinton years to the Bush years!

  1. Consumer confidence today looks similar to what it looked like when George Bush Sr. was President! I'm thinking that means something, and it isn't the Democrats that everyone is blaming for a bad economy, it's the Republicans are some takeaways from the post:

In a section of the poll released last week, 54% of respondents said Democratic candidate Barack Obama would better handle the economy than Republican rival John McCain. Only 43% said McCain's policies would be better for the economy.

Welcome to the Bush Ownership Society!

  1. When I bought my car in 2000, I could fill my 11 gallon tank on $11.00. Today, it costs me about $40.00. What has changed since then? When did gas prices go up? When Phil Gramm, McCain's best friend and advisor, deregulated the energy industry. And then of course, let's not forget that oil money from Iraq was supposed to pay for the war there. So far, it hasn't paid for much of anything outside of theinsurgency. Just in case you're wondering where my $44.00 is going, oil companies are raking in record profits every quarter.
  1. Unemployment is high and people need relief and help so they don't lose their homes - the Republican response? Block an extension on unemployment benefits.
  1. Home equity dropped. Why? Foreclosures. Phil Gramm helped to deregulate the financial industry and relax rules that stopped banks from participating in predatory lending. Banks were allowed to prey on people who couldn't afford homes, and now we have the subprime mortgage crisis and over 1 millions homes have been subject to foreclosure.

Even Alan Greenspan calls this the worst economy he's ever seen, and notes that we can't afford McCain's planned tax cuts.

On the other hand, 95% of Americans will receive a tax cut from Barack Obama's plan.

And tips to clammyc for pointing out that John and Cindy McCain would receive a $400,000 tax cut from his plan. She could use it to buy another outfit!

Here are some Top Comments:

From phonegenery:

bink makes a funny.

Ed G starts off a pretty amusing thread.

From nonnie9999:

This comment from Snud in Zwoof's diary is just hilarious!

From Land of Enchantment:

From the Election Race Diary Rescue Sunday night:  Wayne in Missouri offers an exquisite, philosophical description of the merits of down ticket races in a Presidential year.

My Picks:

my name is james donated to Obama for the first time, and lots of people in the comments matched or joined him! They're all "top" comments! Go toss in $15 and match James!!

smallfrog saw Biden at a rally today!

casperr's diary, Countdown to Nov 4: On the ground in NE Philly, produced several great comments including this one from DemocracyLover in NYC.

kitty tells us who McCain plans on helping through this economic crisis...and it isn't homeowners at risk of losing their homes - shocker!

Paul Delehanty (aka kid oakland) brings us a photo of Scott Kleeb liveblogging here at DKos!

clonecone tells us who the big whiners of the day are.

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