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    It seems that there is nothing, nada We the People can ask the Palins about. That is right, period. We can not ask about her experience, we can't ask about her background, we can't ask about any issues, as a matter of fact, the McCain/Palin camp boldly told the press they are not going to answer any of their questions. Nada!. The McCain/Palin campaign  believe the only information the press should relay to We the People is how bad the press is behaving. The McCain/Palin campaign refuse to shine the light on their own campaign.
    The troubling dismissal of We the People by the self-proclaimed new champions of transparency and accountability is frustrating, deceptive and disfranchising. The McCain/Palin people are creating an illusion with a technique that We the People are far too smart to fall for.
    The most recent polls state the Palins Effect is dwindling. The media deduced that interest in her is fading. The media is wrong.  We the People are interested Sarah Palin, oh yes we are. McCain and Obama are the top of the ticket, but We the People want to get to the bottom of the deception. Sarah Palin with John McCain and his battalion are waging a war against The People of the United States. Who will the victors be?

     Most of the questions that We the People have been denied answers to, have been answered. Not by the McCain/Palin campaign.  We have mined the news and the blogs in search of our own answers. TrooperGate is a small fiasco, that may prove to be more or less than it looks like right now. The Mat-Su Creamery stories been told in the Alaskan Papers and the Wall Street Journal. Not a big deal, but it was nugget that needed to be turned over. We are looking for leaders.  The Families are off limits. Marriage infidelity, here The National Enquirer will earn the respect they deserve covering what they uncover. Hiring friends and family, those stories are out there in black and white. We can take what we want and leave the res, the  1,100 e-mails, redacted in part or in whole, personal e-mails for government business, another nugget to turn over and hold up to be contrasted against the claims being made. The stump on the campaign trail regarding the Bridge to Nowhere, just shows that the McCain/Palin camp isn't talking or listening to the press either. The press has told us all The Bridge stump as no value. Even the stipend to sleep at home has value, but not much, unless.....
    Sarah Palin might be a real gem, in fact she just might be a diamond in the rough that with a little polish will dazzle the world with her brilliance. With her enthusiasm and ability to draw people closer she could be brighter than anything We the People have seen in a long  long time. However, We the People have spent considerable time mining our own nuggets about the judgment, leadership, transparency and accountability of the McCain/Palin ticket. Troopergate is a great example of the McCain/Palin campaign chosing to shoot a fly with a canon. They have missed the truth fly so far and the truth fly is still buzzing about. What they don't realize is the they are shooting into a mineshaft and if they don't put the canon away and shine some light into the darkness, Sarah Palin just might get buried alive and never be seen on the politcal stage again.
    If we the People want to be certain we are mining the right vein we should stop mining the shaft we are in, put the picks and shovels down. Stop reading the blogs, watching YouTube ads, listening to the talking heads, and worrying about the poll numbers. We the People need to send the canary into the mine. It's time to stop digging the hole and waiting for Sarah Palin lay down it. It is time to send the canary into the mine!
   Canaries are especially sensitive to deception and lying, which make them ideal for detecting any dangerous of build-ups of deceit.One small event in an isolated area may not seem especially noteworthy, but it may offer the first tangible warning of a larger problem developing. As long as the canary in the mine keeps singing, We the People can trust our democracy is safe.
    A dead canary should  signal a warning to all of us.
    The Canary that We the People should use is the Palins Income Tax returns! Here is where we should look for transparency and accountability. Before we waste anymore time digging for more information about her past experiences, we should examine the Palin tax returns.
    When asked about the Palin Tax returns by Wolf Blitzer the other evening, the response from the McCain campaign was…”We will release them on OUR OWN timetable”
    We the People, the American people have to demand to see the returns. Make the demand! Make it now and keep demanding to see them until they are out. The Palin's tax returns will tell The People whether we have diamond or coal. If the Palin's refuse to send the canary into the coal mine, we should run away from them as fast we can, before We the People get the shaft.


Originally posted to bPoint on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 02:14 PM PDT.

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