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The previous diary got up to #51 on reddit and attracted a few comments on dailykos. Apparently it's news that the Obama campaign hasn't abandoned Georgia, or other states, for that matter. That's because the MSM keeps saying it has:

Obama has since pulled out of those two states [Alaska and Georgia].

In context that particular article is referring to ad campaigns, although, as kos recently discovered, even that isn't strictly true: there are Obama TV ads visible at least in Georgia near Savannah.

GA in Plouffe Strategy Update

As MNGumboGirl commented on kos's post, Georgia is still purple on David Plouffe's map; see about 1:12 and 1:44 in Plouffe's campaign update of 17 Sep.

Somebody asked on reddit what all the Obama staffers and volunteers in Georgia were doing, calling people in Florida? No, they're calling and visiting people in Georgia. Actually, in south Georgia it works more the other way around. The Valdosta office wasn't crowded yesterday because Obama was speaking in Jacksonville, and many of the regulars carpooled down there to hear him. That cardboard cutout came from Tallahassee. South Georgia and and north Florida are very similar culturally, and the big city in the region is Jacksonville. Any Obama campaign activity in north Florida is likely to affect Georgia, too.

Larry McAwful points out that shows one office in Georgia, in Atlanta, but he called it mid-day Saturday and it was closed. Republican party offices around the state are being used to campaign for McCain, but McCain's own campaign seems to have zero (OK, one) offices in Georgia. Compared to 30 paid staffers and 35 Obama offices in Georgia.

Obama started with staff only in Atlanta, but his campaign eventually branched out. It's true about half the population of Georgia lives in the Atlanta metropolitan area, but that leaves the rest of us elsewhere in a state as big as RI, DE, CT, NJ, NH, VT, MA, and HI combined, or about the size of Wisconsin or Illinois. If McCain thinks he's going to win all that with one office in Atlanta and almost no ads, he may be surprised.

Want to help surprise him? Donate to the Obama campaign. Or donate to GA-Sen Jim Martin or GA-01 Bill Gillespie. President Obama will need a good Senate and House to help him end the war, make health care affordable, and deploy renewable energy. Besides, helping downticket races helps get Obama elected. ActBlue -> Candidate Directory -> GA.

If you're from some other state that the MSM says Obama has "pulled out of", help out there! Even if you're not, you can help. We are Barack, and so can you!

Originally posted to jayskew on Sun Sep 21, 2008 at 10:30 AM PDT.

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  •  And McCain just has one office in Atlanta (0+ / 0-)

    correct?  That's all I see on his website but I'm not in Georgia.

    Very curious, do you see Obama TV ads in Georgia?

    John McCain "Get Off My Lawns!!"

    by FORUS50 on Sun Sep 21, 2008 at 10:42:44 AM PDT

  •  McCain will carry Georgia but it will be (0+ / 0-)

    closer than it was in 2000 and in 2004. The problem for Democrats is the exurban and suburban counties of Georgia. While Obama will carry Clayton, DeKalb, and Fulton counties, he will suffer traumatic losses in the Atlanta exurbs and suburbs. Counties like Cherokkee, Forsyth, Coweta, Paulding, Bartow, and Henry voted for Bush by crushing margins. In Forsyth County Bush prevailed with 83% of the vote!

    •  Georgia is not Atlanta (0+ / 0-)

      Even though many people elsewhere seem to think it is. Lowndes County, where I live, is 230 miles or 3.5 hours south of Atlanta. That's like Austin to Dallas or Boston to New York. All three Lowndes County state reps are Democrats. Georgia has 13 House seats, 7 R, 6 D.  3 out of 4 south Georgia districts have Democratic reps. The exception is Jack "flag pin" Kingston, GA-01. We've got a chance to replace him with Bill Gillespie Lt. Col. Ret., who's not just a Democrat, he's a better Democrat.

      It's true the governor is a Republican. But people are a bit sick of his government running out of money because of mismanagement. There's a good chance Georgia may vote for a Democrat for president this year.

      Bush? That was four years ago, before the war dragged on, the economy tanked, and Bush's Treasury Sec. proposed to bail out big companies at the expense of everybody else. I can't find anybody here who will say a good word about Bush. Last week one bubba came down to the Valdosta Obama office and offered to trade in his Bush yard sign for an Obama! Now he's working voter registration.

      Georgia can go for Obama this year.  You can help.

      •  The problem is that the Atlanta region is (0+ / 0-)

        the fastest growing part of the state. And the fastest growing counties are the ones like Forsyth, which gave 83% of its vote to Bush.

        •  It ain't that simple (0+ / 0-)

          Note Lowndes County in this list of fast growing counties, and it's Democratic. It's a university county, like those around Athens and Statesboro. Students will vote heavily for Obama, as will many other people in those counties.

          "Although growth rates in other parts of Georgia were lower than in Atlanta, there was still significant growth in other regions of the state.  The central and northeast Georgia mountain counties all experienced growth levels in excess of 20 percent.  Some of this was due to the movement of persons out from metropolitan Atlanta.  Another factor is the high level of migration by retired persons into the area.  Numerous counties along the Interstate 75 corridor south of Atlanta experienced strong growth rates.  In the Macon area Monroe, Crawford and Houston all had strong growth rates in excess of 20 percent. In south Georgia, Coffee, Pulaski, Wilcox, Echols, Lanier and Lowndes counties also grew strongly.  Other counties showing large increases were suburban counties around Albany (Calhoun, Lee), Augusta (Columbia), Columbus (Harris, Marion), and Savannah (Bryan, Effingham, Long).  University counties around Athens (Oconee, Jackson, Ogethorpe) and Statesboro (Bullock) experienced growth above the state average, as did areas benefiting from military induced growth in Southeast Georgia (Brantley and Camden).

          The overwhelming majority of Georgia counties (110 of 159) saw population increases of at least 10 percent."

  •  Everybody loves a loser (0+ / 0-)

    ... that's why the traditional media likes to report that Obama is retreating from Georgia.

    Keep up the fight!

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