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Thank you, Magnifico, for heading up this edifying series.  We have a team of 7 authors, each with a style of their own.  Me, I'm looking for stories from around the world you might not have seen in the US Press.  

Opportunity to Guest Host:  Monday October 13 and 20 are available for anyone who wants to try out a guest hosting session!  Let us know!  

Our Wars, Declared or Not

Turkish Weekly
UN Says Afghan Security Worse, More Police Needed

Some 3,000 people have been killed in Afghanistan this year, the worst violence since a U.S.-led invasion in 2001 ousted the Taliban government for refusing to hand over the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

"The security situation today is worse than it was three months ago," UN special envoy Kai Eide told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

(my bold)

Der Spiegel
'The Longest Campaign of the Long War'

In an interview with SPIEGEL, General David Petraeus, until recently commander of the American forces in Iraq and future head of the US Central Command, discusses his new job, progress in Baghdad and how lessons from Iraq may apply to the escalating situation in Afghanistan.

Around the World
The Australian (Sydney)
PM told to soften welfare regime as NT plan faces overhaul

In a winding back of the hardline Howard intervention strategy, The Australian understands that the review board handpicked by the Rudd Government to analyse the controversial policy will urge an end to the compulsory income management system, under which welfare payments are heavily controlled.
Ms Macklin has previously told The Australian the restrictions have improved diets in Aboriginal communities, a development that has intensified Labor support for a key aspect of the Northern Territory indigenous intervention.

The Age (Melbourne)
89-year-old's belated gong for war-time service

WHAT did you do during the war is not a question 89-year old British-born Jane Miller minds answering, but don't be surprised by her answer. In this grandmother's case it is: "wield an axe".

Mrs Miller was just 18 when, in December 1939, she patriotically volunteered to become what was known as a "Land Girl" — a member of Britain's Women's Land Army.

The Age (Melbourne)
New radar to calm Israel-Iran attack fears

THE United States has deployed a sophisticated long-range radar system in Israel capable of providing crucial early warnings in case of missile attacks.

There is a growing anxiety that Iran, which makes no secret of its long-range ballistic missiles or its uranium enrichment program, could launch an offensive against Israel.

Turkish Weekly
From de Gaulle to Putin (by Guy Sorman)

Fifty years ago, General Charles de Gaulle seized power in France in what was, in essence, a legal coup d’etat. True, the General had been called upon and elected by the floundering French Parliament. But pressure from the French army, and rebellion in Algeria, did not give Parliament much of a choice. The ailing French republic’s political leaders hoped that de Gaulle could end the Algerian war, yet keep Algeria French. De Gaulle’s agenda was very different: he wanted to rewrite the Constitution and to found a new "Fifth Republic" for France.

 on the often bumpy history of democracies.

Russian, S. Korean presidents discuss trade ties, nuclear issue

   "Russia consistently speaks in favor of securing the nuclear-free status of the peninsula and progress at the six-nation talks," Medvedev told a press conference following talks with Lee in the Kremlin, referring to the nuclear talks that involve the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United States, China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.

   "We think that it is necessary to continue this line and the line aimed at carrying out political, economic and humanitarian contacts between North and South Korea in the spirit of agreements earlier reached at the previous summits in 2000 and 2007," said the Russian president.

African countries discuss proposed global ban on cluster bombs

Government representatives and civil society organizations from 45 African countries are meeting here in a two-day conference aimed at promoting signature of an international treaty banning the use of cluster bombs.

   While opening the conference on Monday under the theme "Let's make cluster munitions history", Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, in a speech read for him, said a Convention against the use of cluster munitions will strengthen peace and security in Africa.

 Did they invited the companies that make and sell these bombs? South Africa
Algeria's least bloody Ramadan  

Algeria has enjoyed its least bloody Ramadan since Islamist violence emerged in 1992, with the Muslim holy month ending this week with one attack that left three people dead, against some 60 a year ago.

A suicide car bombing near the eastern town of Dellys on Sunday killed three people in the only such attack since Ramadan started on September 1 amid a heavy deployment of security forces in the country's largest cities.

Der Spiegel
Gunman Planned Massacre for Six Years

Finland's second school shooting in less than a year involved gasoline bombs as well as a handgun, and police say the young gunman had planned it since he was 16. A day before the shooting he had been questioned, and released, for posting violent videos on YouTube.

Chile debates re-nationalization of fresh water resources

As stipulated in the Chilean constitution, passed in 1980 during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship, fresh water is a privately traded commodity in Chile.

On Monday, Socialist Party (PS) Sen. Alejandro Navarro, Party for Democracy (PPD) Sen. Guido Girardi, Sen. Mariano Ruíz-Esquide of the Christian Democratic Party (DC), Radical (PRSD) Sen. Nelson Avilá, PS Dep. René Alinco and PRSD President José Antonio Gómez announced they will soon present Congress with a bill that if approved, will do away with Chile’s private water market.

 Shock Doctrine technique meets today's governments and our world's resource war.  

Sports Headlines
Tampa Bay Online:  TB 30, Green Bay 21

Matt Bryant's third field goal, from 24 yards out, gave the Bucs a 23-21 lead. The kick came after the Bucs went 30 yards in 10 plays, all runs, and took 6:04 off the clock.

Bryant's infant son Matthew Tryson died suddenly on Wednesday. The funeral was Saturday in Texas. He was perfect on three field goal attempts on Sunday.

Ramirez's grand slam paves way as White Sox force tiebreaker with Twins  The post-season lineup is NOT settled yet, one more in-between game.  

Des Moines Register:  Brian Duffy On Ms. Palin.  

Salt Lake Tribune:  Pat Bagley On the Bailout Plan.  

Salt Lake Tribune
Utah gubernatorial debate: Huntsman says he would stay a full term if re-elected

Democrat challenger Bob Springmeyer criticized Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s leadership Monday, calling him a "get along, go along" governor with "aspirations for higher office."
   Huntsman objected to the portrayal, saying he is "anything but a traditional Republican," and citing his stance on climate change policies and his endorsement of Sen. John McCain over Mitt Romney as examples of where he has bucked his party.
   Huntsman, painting himself as a centrist, said the Legislature has repeatedly tried to strip his power because "I use it in ways that displeases them. I use it in ways that are good for the entire population of the state."

Wasatch Watcher
Help Break the Republican Supermajorities

In 2001, Utah's Republican lawmakers used sophisticated new software to redraw the district maps. This software was later used by Tom Delay for redistricting TX. In both cases, the software worked superbly for Republicans, leading to dramatic losses in Democratic in the 2002 election cycle.

In Utah, redistricting led to the loss of 9 of 28 State House seats and 4 of 11 State Senate, producing instant Republican Supermajorities in both legislative bodies.

Supermajorities (greater than 2/3) permit the majority to pass any legislation it wants, without regard for public opinion or interests.

Since 2002, due largely to the district maps and the ongoing popularity of the war and Bush in Utah, the Democratic Party has only managed to regain 1 seat in each chamber of the legislature.

 Overview of the criminally sad situation in statehouse elections.  

Originally posted to Jenn's Corner on Mon Sep 29, 2008 at 08:53 PM PDT.

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