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OMG we're going to get killed in Michigan if we don't count the delegates exactly as they were apportioned in the primary! We need this state... a swing state... and the voters are going to see any deal on delegates as ELECTION FRAUD and they are going to murder us in November. This state SWINGS people! Its VERY swingy and we are, again, just going to go out and ignore its superswinginess at our own peril! I'm telling you, so help me, from the top of the head to those weird little smelly spots in between my toes we are going to lose Michigan by 2000% and that's going to cost us the election! We are DOOMED!


OMG we are going to get killed in Pennsylvania! I mean, if Barack Obama can't even win the state in the PRIMARIES, how is he possibly going to win in the general election?

You really think steel men and miners and blue collar workers are going to vote for a BLACK MAN with a weird name in PENNSYLVANIA?!? NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee of the Republican Party and he's going to choose Tom Ridge as his running mate and they are going to take away Pennsylvania by 500%... no 600%... NO 749%!!!!... and that will be the election?



OMG, we are going to get slaughtered and murdered and destroyed and pummeled in New Hampshire! Barack can't close the deal and if he can't close the deal, the deal will be open and if the deal is open then someone else can march right into the deal and steal New Hampshire out of the Democratic column and WE NEED THOSE ELECTORAL VOTES!



New Hampshire

OMG! White women! If we really allow Barack Obama to be our nominee, white women are going to run screaming from our party because of the primary season!

And white men, who are often married to white women! He'll lose white men by 9000%.

And what about independents who are known to live next to white women!


Have you even thought about the THWDVs? NO YOU HAVE NOT!



OMG, NEW MEXICO! Hispanics hate black people and will never vote for them, because we all know that the word for black in Spanish is "negro" which sounds A LOT like that other word with all the asterisks in it and how can you expect for a people who think ***** ****** are ******* to ever **** their *****!?!

WE ARE SO *****************!!!


Oh, and, I guess... see Jeffrey Lieber try and learn how to DIGG.

And NO, I'm not counting unhatched chickens. I went to Nevada last week to register voters. I'm co-hosting a fundraiser next week... October 16th... featuring an Obama domestic policy advisor.

(BTW, the fundraiser is $250 and up. So, if you're in So Cal and you'd like to come... email me.)

It IS possible to feel good AND work one's ass off.

And NO this is not about Senator Clinton OR Senator Clinton's supporters, but instead about the conventional wisdom in both the press and the hand-wringing set from three months ago... which now looks almost as stupid as the Governor of Alaska at a Vice Presidential debate.

Originally posted to SYFPH on Sat Oct 04, 2008 at 06:36 AM PDT.

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