Skip to main content has found a video of Palin lying about her firing of the state police chief. It has not been covered by the media and needs to get into the public eye.

One clip shows her claiming she fired him for his weakness in rural alcohol abuse issues. Another shows her saying right after firing him she offered him a new job as head of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board  because he was strong in the very same area. If the public sees her lie in detail in this video, they won’t trust what she says overall:

It catches her lying about an ethical matter that could torpedo her. It will probably say more about her honesty in the matter than anything the largely blocked probe due to be released will have. has found a video of Palin lying about Troopergate. This archival footage from a local TV station has hardly been seen by anyone outside of a few television viewers in Alaska and really needs to be seen by the public.

One amazing thing about this is it shows her lying with a straight face to the camera saying the opposite thing just about word for word in detail. If the general public sees her unflinchingly lie in this video, they won’t trust what she has to say on other topics. Here it is:

You can Digg it here.

The full story, including several other contradictory statements by Palin and three other videos of her on Troopergate, are here and is also now at Digg.

Palin has been caught lying in the past, and the site's special section on Palin has a couple of them, but most times only half of a lie is caught live on tape. The other half of the lie is usually caught on paper where it has far less weight, especially in the age of YouTube and a non-reading public. For example in her flip flop on global warming, her original thoughts were captured by, a highly conservative news site which lacks credibility. A picture is worth a thousand words, though, and a video is worth a hundred thousand.

The other unique thing is that this video is not saying two different things about a policy. It’s lying about the firing of a widely respected police chief - an ethical matter that could torpedo her candidacy for national office both now and future attempts as well. It's one thing to lie about your positions. It's another to lie about abusing your power to fire a top public official and wreck his reputation.

This cuts to the heart of the Troopergate situation because if she’s lying about why she fired him, it means she’s covering up the real reason. With a half-hearted probe about to be released, this video will probably say more about her honesty in the matter than anything the largely blocked probe will have. And it will overcome attempts by the McCain campaign to present her as innocent.

Please spread the word about this both to the mainstream media and to alternative media sites. If enough alternative sites report on it, the mainstream media will be more likely to cover it.

Originally posted to ds2oo9 on Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 10:03 PM PDT.

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